Carrier Furnaces

Turn to the experts in heating and cooling when you’re looking for a new furnace. We can answer all of your questions, and help you find the solutions that best meet your needs, budget and lifestyle.

Your home should be the one place you can go to always find comfort. That’s why home heating is so important – especially during the colder months in Texas. Hence, choosing a quality residential gas furnace is vital.

Carrier furnaces: An industry standard

At Air Specialist, we proudly offer Carrier furnaces and are a factory-authorized Carrier dealer.  Carrier furnaces have been around for 110 years and can be up to 98.5% efficient.  They lead the industry in innovation and efficiency.

Carrier ComfortHeat

Forget the way furnaces used to work.  They turned on, warmed you up, turned off, then waited until your home got cold and started the process all over again.  It was basic, it was inefficient, and it created cold pockets in your home.

With ComfortHeat, your Carrier furnace actually remembers the last ten times it turned on and figures out how to turn on again with the least effort.  In this way, it offers greater efficiency and greater comfort for you. ComfortHeat reduces temperature swings by up to 50%, keeping the air flowing through your home to eliminate cold air pockets. It’s also quieter than furnaces without

Below are the three lines of furnace systems from Carrier®:

Infinity™ Series

With maximum efficiency, the Infinity Series heating system offers the highest level of options and heating comfort. With the most complete level of user controllability, this home heating system even detects and notifies you when in need of air filter replacement. The Infinity Series heating system is the highest in excellence for your home.

Performance™ Series

All the features of the Comfort Series and more. Offering even higher efficiency, the Performance Series home heating system provides a wide variety of upgraded heating products for a comfortable home.

Comfort™ Series

This series is the best in the industry at a super consumer value. Offering a high level of efficiency, the Comfort Series home heating system is the high quality, value heating solution for a comfortable home.

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