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5 Things You May Be Surprised to Learn About Smart Thermostats

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Posted September 1, 2014

Remember when your phone was the smartest thing in your home?

Those days are over. You can now plug in and take advantage of all of the benefits home automation has to offer.

Put your heating and cooling system on autopilot, control the temperature of your home from the road, project your energy use this month and adjust your settings real time to save.

If you’re in the camp that thinks keeping up with the Jetson’s is cooler than worrying about the Jones’, consider adding a Smart Thermostat to your Christmas List this year.

  1. It looks cool. A smart thermostat is sleeker and more pleasing to the eye than its predecessors. Your thermostat is placed in the living area at eye-level, we think you will appreciate the design much more than the traditional gray dial or box.
  2. It’s connected. A smart thermostat utilizes an internet connection and can be updated and programmed online. You can also control it remotely from via your smart phone, computer or tablet. Download applications and control your heating and cooling system while you are out of town or on vacation.
  3. It’s smarter. The ‘smart’ thermostat truly lives up to its name. More than just a ‘buzz’ word, the smart thermostat is a handy automated device that is capable of learning. Instead of simply operating according to settings or programs, it can learn your preferences and adjust accordingly. It can even take into account changes in humidity.
  4. It saves you more money. Did you know you can save up to 5% in energy simply by turning down your thermostat one degree? You may be missing out on saving simply because you have forgotten to or have failed to program your thermostat properly. With a smart thermostat you can rest assured that it will adjust automatically and can even sense when you are not home and adjust to your ‘away’ setting.
  5. It aims to please. A smart thermostat will save you energy, money and time, making it a smart investment that will ensure your comfort in more ways than one.


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