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Posted February 1, 2013

If your having problems with your air conditioner freezing up, it is time for a maintenance inspection from your HVAC specialist. You can check a few different things to attempt to address the problem. However, an air conditioner that keeps freezing up will likely require a professional diagnosis.

Turn the AC System Off

If your AC is forming ice on the coils, turn the unit off. Allow the unit to completely thaw before attempting to turn it on again. Running the unit when ice has formed on the coil may damage the compressor or other parts of the equipment.

Sometimes AC units will freeze up when the outside temperature drops. A programmable thermostat will allow you to program the AC to turn off or to readjust to a higher temperature at night. If your AC unit has frosted up due to low temperatures, turn the unit off and allow the system to thaw.

Check Filters

The first thing to do if you are having problems with the air conditioning freezing up is to check the filters. AC units can freeze when the filter is dirty enough to block the air flow. Change the filter and then check all other intake registers. Make sure that air is flowing to the unit.

Call an HVAC Technician

A freezing air conditioner is often a symptom of lack of air flow or low refrigerant. You can check the flow of air to the unit. An HVAC technician is required to recharge the system with coolant. Additionally, the HVAC technician will diagnose why the system has run low on refrigerant. The unit has likely developed a leak. You will need to have the leak repaired in order to keep the unit’s refrigerant levels full.

An excessively dusty or dirty evaporator coil can also cause the AC unit to freeze up. A regular maintenance inspection by your HVAC technician will help to ensure that your system’s coils are clean. During a preventative maintenance check, the HVAC professional evaluates the air flow, lubricates system parts and performs a series of inspections on the HVAC equipment. The tune-up will include evaporator coil cleaning and cleaning of other unit components. Just as you tune up your car, your air conditioner and heating system need tuned up, too.

Other problems can cause AC freezing problems, too. If your air conditioning unit continues to freeze, call The Air Specialist for a professional system diagnosis. Faulty fan motors and bad sensors can cause your AC unit to freeze up. Your fan motor may simply be set to run at a low speed. We may be able to make a few adjustments for you that will solve the freezing issue. We can diagnose the problem and provide you with a written estimate for the repair cost. Do not continue to run the AC unit if ice keeps forming on the coil. Permanent damage to the unit may occur. Contact an HVAC professional to diagnose the freezing problem.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance on your HVAC System

Regular preventative maintenance is important for keeping your air conditioning running at its peak. An annual tune-up will make sure that your system runs well without freezing up. During an annual maintenance check, a qualified HVAC technician will inspect the components of your system and will notify you if any problems are identified. The Air Specialist provides annual preventative maintenance tune-ups to keep your system running in top shape. Preventative maintenance also keeps your system energy efficient.

For air conditioning repairs, installations and maintenance in Houston TX, call Air Specialist. We will diagnose and repair your air conditioning freeze-up problems.


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