Water Heater Size

What size water heater do you need?

Is it time for a new hot water heater? 💧🔥 How can you make sure you’re getting one that will keep the hot water flowing for your family? Air Specialist tells you how in our online blog.

Cooling without A/C

Staying cool without A/C

Did your home’s A/C take a break? 💔 Are you trying to save a little money on your energy bills by cutting down or turning off the air? Learn how to stay cool without A/C in this month’s online blog. 👇🏻

HVAC Myths vs Non-Myths

HVAC Myths vs Non-Myths

Do you have the facts about cooling and heating your home? Air Specialist looks at some conventional wisdom floating around the internet and calls out the myths.

HVAC Vent cleaning

How to Clean an A/C Vent

Do your home’s vent covers look dusty or dingy? Regular cleaning gives them a facelift and cuts down on the dust and debris that enters your living space. We have a step-by-step approach to vent cleaning in our online blog.