5 Energy Saving Websites You Won’t Want to Miss

We are always looking for new ways to cut down on our energy usage and save money on the utility bills, but with so many energy-saving resources it's often hard to know where to turn.

We've kept that in mind as we've compiled a list of websites for you that offer Tips and Tricks we feel will be valuable in your quest to a greener home.

What is Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation?

Most people are familiar with bats of fiberglass insulation, but did you know that blown-in fiberglass insulation is now available? The blown in variety of fiberglass insulation allows the material to plug and cover cracks and leaks in the structure.

Water Heater

Turn down the temperature on your water heater. If you set the temperature at 120° F or below…

Water Savings

Just do it! Fix those dripping faucets. Turn the faucet off when you are not using the water…

Toilet Leaks

You should occasionally check your toilets for leaks. Just place a few drops of food coloring in the tank (NOT the bowl)…

Insulating Ductwork and Pipes

Insulating pipes and ducts that run through unheated space will result in a significant savings in your energy bill…

Weather Stripping

Inside your home, weather stripping around moving parts of windows and doors can help seal off potential areas of leakage..

Programmable Thermostat

With a programmable thermostat, you can program winter temperature at 65º at night, then back to 72º during the day…