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Don’t Get Caught Up in an HVAC Scam

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Posted September 1, 2015

Nobody ever likes hearing stories about friends and family members being scammed by service companies. Us especially, we’ve heard all the stories and are well aware of the fraudulent practices some are using.

We feel that it’s important to warn homeowners of the common scams and tactics used by some heating, ventilating, and air conditioning companies and those who pose as them.

These are the common scam tactics to look for:

• Being told a part needs to be replaced when it really doesn’t need to be
Not every technician that says you have a bad part is lying, but it never hurts to do a quick online search to see if there is a simpler way to diagnose it than the physical part.

• Pushing oversized AC units
Bigger isn’t always better. Ask the technician for the numbers and the formula they use to calculate the load and size of the unit.

• Charging for parts that haven’t actually been replaced
Have the technician hand you the old parts that they replaced to ensure the job has actually been done.

• High pressure sales
Don’t get pressured into a sale. It’s always good to get a second opinion from a different HVAC contractor.

• HVAC impersonators
Don’t fall for telemarketing scams claiming they’re from a reputable HVAC company and are offering you free services. If the offer sounds too good to be true call the actual company and ask if the offer is legitimate.

• Verbal only offers
Make sure your offer is in writing so that you have written proof if the offer isn’t upheld.

• Non-certified or untrained employees
Don’t be afraid to ask a technician for their credentials and do your own online research. It’s important to check reputable sites for online reviews, ratings, and history.

At Air Specialist we have zero tolerance for dishonesty. We’ve served the Houston area with professional heating and air conditioning repair, service, and installation since 1970.We strive to maintain a well-deserved reputation. Our goal is to continually raise the standard for HVAC excellence and superior customer satisfaction for our friends, family, and neighbors.

We encourage you to check out our references and affiliations.


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