How can I improve the ventilation in my home? - Air Specialist

Make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient by improving ventilation. Here are few “around the house” tips to boost ventilation: 

  • Vent moisture to the outside from the bathroom and laundry room. The bathroom produces more moisture than any other room in your house.
  • If you cannot vent the bathroom to the outside, install a vent through the attic and down through a soffit vent. But do not vent directly into the attic, which can lead to ice buildup in the winter and mold during warmer months.
  • Vent the clothes dryer to the outside with a short metal duct. Clean the duct regularly to prevent house fires. Do not vent the dryer directly into the laundry room.
  • Install a vent hood with an exhaust van over your kitchen stove.
  • Improve ventilation and airflow in your home with ceiling fans. If you run the ceiling fan in reverse, it will better distribute warm air in the winter.
  • Do not block vents for heating and cooling systems, which can run up energy costs and damage equipment.
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