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How to Avoid Making these Mistakes Heating Your Home

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Posted November 3, 2014

Everyone knows mistakes happen – but no one wants to make one. This is especially true when the mistake costs you more than just a few embarrassing minutes of shame.

Some mistakes will cost you more than others, and you will see the impact immediately. Others, like the heating mistakes below, add up over time. We rarely notice these kinds of mistakes unless someone points them out to us.

You’re welcome.

Five Most Common Heating Mistakes and Why You Shouldn’t Make Them

1. Ignoring a draft does not make it go away.

We know the feeling. Some days it is easier to tackle the ‘bigger’ issues and leave the smaller ones for another day. But the fact of the matter is- the seemingly small leak IS bigger than it seems and could be costing you up to 30 percent of your home’s energy usage as we speak. Never underestimate a leak. Even a small one can add up and wreak havoc on your energy bill. Be sure to tackle drafts around your windows, doors, and exterior walls first. But don’t forget the biggest offenders for air leaks are usually hidden away in attics and basements.

2. Turning your thermostat up all the way will not heat your home up any faster than setting it at a reasonable temperature will.

We get it. You are trying to save energy and lower your utility bill by turning your heat down when you’re not home. We commend you for your frugality. However, most furnaces pump heat consistently, so the temperature that you set it at is irrelevant. We recommend springing for a smart thermostat if you have a varied schedule. A smart thermostat will do the work of adjusting for you and can even help you project expenses and budget your energy usage real time.

3. Neglecting to Clean or Replace the Air Filter in Your System.

A dirty air filter poses a problem to your system’s efficiency because your system must work harder to heat your home. Allowing dirt and debris to build up on your air filter can restrict your airflow as well as allow dust, pollutants and other contaminants in your home.

4. Closing Off Rooms in Your Home. 

We know it makes sense to close off the rooms in your home that you use least often. However, closing heating vents will likely cause an imbalance in your heating system instead. If you want to save money on your utilities during the winter, you are better off keeping your vents and interior doors open and lowering the thermostat.

5. Running Your Exhaust Fans All Day.

We’re sure you have good intentions when you turn on the exhaust fans in your home. We recommend using them anytime you want to remove humidity or cooking odors, or to freshen the air. Don’t forget to turn them off when you no longer need them. Many people leave them running entirely too long – and wind up paying to pump their heated air outdoors.

Want to save even more money this winter? Have your furnace tuned up.


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