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How to Combat Hot and Cold Spots in Your House

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Posted June 2, 2021
Hot and cold spots in home

Most of us enjoy the experience of a comfortably heated or cooled home, which requires consistency in temperature between rooms and levels in a living space. At the same time, many are familiar with hot and cold spots that can develop in a home, such as a cold bathroom or hot bedroom. These spaces can be uncomfortable and, unfortunately, also contribute to inefficient energy usage. But how do you fix it?

Common issues

Hot and cold spots in a home can develop for a few different reasons. Blocked air vents are an obvious reason, so make sure you haven’t inadvertently set furniture or other objects in front of any air vents in your house.

Some homeowners may not realize this, but a dirty air filter can also contribute to hot and cold spots. Change your air filter regularly or schedule routine maintenance to ensure a clean HVAC unit.

Solar heat gain is another possible contributing factor. This phrase alludes to the fact that part of your home could be getting an overabundance of sunlight, causing extra heat to build up inside. Putting up shades, installing an awning, or planting a tree to block some of the sunlight are all easy fixes. Along these same lines, your thermostat may be reading temperatures inaccurately if it’s located in a place where it is exposed to direct sunlight.

Like solar heat gain, air leaks can cause hot and cold spots in a home as well. Check for gaps around windows and doors and seal these off if possible. You may also want to consider insulation for particular problem areas of your home.

Increasing airflow by removing blockages, cleaning your air filter, and finding areas where solar gain or air leaks could be a problem are all great fixes any homeowner can make. However, you may have a problem that goes beyond these DIY fixes, in which case you would need to call a technician from Air Specialist to have a look.

When to call a professional HVAC Contractor

Some problems that require a professional’s help include having an HVAC unit that is the wrong size for your home, ductwork that is not designed or installed correctly, or a dirty HVAC unit. Air Specialist technicians are certified to look for and repair these issues and others. We also offer complete home zoning, which can be a great way to reduce hot and cold spots in your home. A zoning system utilizes dampers and ductwork to regulate airflow and redirect it to specific areas of your home. This allows for more comfort and fewer to no hot and cold spots.

If you are tired of the hot and cold spots in your home, make sure to check some of the tips listed above and call on a professional for help. Air Specialist technicians are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week at [csad_phone] to meet your service needs. We also offer maintenance complete with guarantees and warranties. Your satisfaction is our guarantee when it comes to all things HVAC in your Houston area home!


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