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How to Solve Uneven Heating and Cooling Issues

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Posted September 10, 2019
Homeowner dealing with HVAC issues

Have you ever walked into your guest bedroom that you seldom use and wondered why it’s so much warmer than the rest of your home? If so, your home could suffer from a heating and cooling balancing issue. It can be a frustrating problem to have especially if you are hosting overnight guests. We’ve listed some of the most common reasons for this problem along with the simple solutions.

Switch your fan to “on”

Most thermostats come equipped with the control “on,” “off,” and “auto” for the fan. Keeping your fan set to “on” means that the airflow in your home will be continuous, even after the air conditioner turns off. This will aid in your fan’s ability to help keep all the rooms in your home at the same temperature.

Damaged air ducts

If your air ducts have been damaged in any way, this can impact how air is flowing from your A/C unit to the various rooms in your home. Over time, the ducts in your home can develop cracks, holes, or tears. Besides, many homes are fitted with incorrectly sized ducts, which can cause problems such as uneven airflow. Because air ducts are located behind walls, in the attic, or beneath the floors in your home, it can be hard to physically access them to locate any problems.

The size of the HVAC system doesn’t fit the home

Unbeknownst to the homeowner, an HVAC system that isn’t properly fitted for the size of a home can lead to uneven heating and cooling. An HVAC professional can come out and inspect the size of your home and the unit itself. This is the best way to determine if this is factoring into your heating and cooling issues. 

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