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How Important is Ventilation for my Garage?

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Posted March 10, 2016

When it comes to home comfort, one of the last places you think about is your garage. After all, it’s your car’s home, the place you store most of your junk (err, treasures), so why would you consider air quality or ventilation in there?

Think about it: You use your garage to park your car, which emits residual fumes from the gas and carbon monoxide. You use your garage to store garden chemicals and tools. Your garage might also be a place for multiple other items such as paint cans, lawn mowers and other items. When your garage door closes, the gasses are stagnant inside the garage until it’s vented away in some form…usually into your home.

Not to mention if your heating and air conditioning system is located in your garage (which isn’t allowed by building code anymore), you could be drawing in that polluted air through the ductwork.

The best recommendation to deal with air quality in your garage is installing a ventilation fan to remove the hot, polluted air.

A ventilation fan can be run continuously, turned on manually via a switch, used with a timer or motion sensor, and is recommended to be mounted in the wall opposite the overhead door. In the interest of saving money, most homeowners look at motion sensors to run their garage ventilation—they will turn on as soon as the garage door opens and then runs for a pre-determined amount of time to allow adequate time to move out the exhaust fumes brought in with your vehicle.

Your experts at Air Specialist can help you make the right choices when it comes to indoor air quality for your home and garage. Contact us to find out more.


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