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Make Sure You’re Ready for Fall with These 3 Household Chores

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Posted September 8, 2020
An exterior shot of an ivy covered home in autumn

Is it fall already? Just about! That means it’s time to do fall maintenance and get your HVAC system ready for the autumn weather …

Time goes by fast, and soon you’ll need to make sure your furnace is ready to go – as strange as that sounds right now! But don’t worry … we’re determined to make the transition easy for you. In addition to being here for you if you need an HVAC system repair or replacement this season, here’s a fall checklist with just 3 easy steps:

1. Change your filter

  • We know you’ve heard this from us before many times, but it’s so easy to forget when you get busy! So instead of simply reminding you, here are a few ways WE personally remember to change our filter every season:
  • Make this part of your “chore” list with other monthly or bi-monthly chores. What are some other chores you do every month or 2? Clean baseboards? Wash windows? Clean out the fridge? Just add “change my air filter” to the list, and soon the habit will be second nature!
  • Keep your air filters in a place that’s easy to see and access. If you see them, you’ll remember.
  • Use your smartphone to remind you to change your filter every 2 – 3 months. You use it for everything else, so why not HVAC maintenance?

2. Check for leaves in your A/C unit

We know that fall starts to be the time for forgetting about your air conditioner rather than honing in on it, but don’t forget this fair-weather friend! During fall, your A/C could easily get leaves inside it, that will clog the compressor. Plus, leaf litter, sticks, and other debris may be trapped in your air conditioner coils. All that is fine until you go to use the A/C next season, and it won’t turn on. Also, we shouldn’t say “all that is fine,” because actually, leaves and debris getting trapped in your A/C components is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold, no matter the time of year. Yuck! So clean your A/C unit, or have the professionals here at Air Specialist do it for you!

3. Seal air leaks

When you feel that first draft of winter-like chill, that is an ominous feeling … but you shouldn’t be feeling it inside your home! To make sure your home is airtight as the temperature drops, now is the time to start sealing up any air leaks. The obvious locations are windows and doors, but after weatherstripping them, you should also check often-forgotten places like attics and basements. So many air leaks can get in through these small cracks, making your HVAC system work harder when the time comes. The only thing you want to work harder for you this season is our techs here at Air Specialist!

Dear “Houston-ians,” if you get stuck on this list or run into any other HVAC trouble, call now at [csad_phone] or contact us online. The only thing we love more than the fall season is helping our customers.


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