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Qualities of an Air Specialist HVAC Technician

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Posted February 28, 2017
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The heating and cooling industry is one of the most in-demand fields in our current economy. With summer on the horizon, service and maintenance calls are rapidly increasing. Now is the best time to begin an exciting new position in this field before the busy season hits. But is a job at Air Specialist right for you?

As you heard from our technicians, Air Specialist is a great place to work. While we welcome everyone, that doesn’t mean a career in HVAC is right for you. Success as in HVAC goes far beyond just technical knowledge one can gain in school. There are many hard and softs skills one needs to know to be successful as a technician at Air Specialist. The top six qualities of an Air Specialist technician are communication, work ethic, a we-mentality, knowledge, integrity, and professionalism.

  • Communication: Technicians need to be able to communicate an array of issues with clients as well as report back to the main office to ensure all the client’s needs are addressed including further visits.
  • Work ethic: While working on air conditioning and heating units can be fun, it can also be tough. Technicians can’t be afraid to get their hands dirty and put sweat equity into problem solving for the customer.
  • We-mentality: When working at Air Specialist, you are not on your own. Your fellow technicians and management have your back. They expect you to have theirs as well.
  • Knowledge: Basic knowledge of HVAC systems is a must. While we offer extensive training, any knowledge of refrigeration, plumbing, and electrical you bring to the table can only help you.
  • Integrity: Air Specialist technicians are governed by a strong integrity policy. Management will always have your back as long as you hold yourself and your coworkers to that policy.
  • Professionalism: Looking and acting appropriately with coworkers and on the job is top priority. Clients are welcoming us into their homes and we must treat their homes with respect and care.

When hiring new technicians to join our close-knit team, we look for people who exude these qualities. We want our employees to proudly wear the Air Specialist logo, and that starts with creating a positive and professional work environment where hard work and integrity are rewarded.

If you’re interested in a career at Air Specialist, apply online or give us a call.

Qualities of an Air Specialist HVAC technician


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