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Tackling Houston Allergies and Indoor Air Quality

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Posted March 8, 2017
allergies and indoor air quality - Houston

Houston has never been a poster child for great air quality. It’s rich history in manufacturing and oil refining has led to it being dubbed one of the most polluted cities in the US. Unfortunately for Houstonians, pollutants aren’t the only thing in our air with allergy season approaching. Allergies can be a serious issue for the millions of people living in the metro area.

  1. Pollen
  2. Oak
  3. Juniper
  4. Birch
  5. Cedar
  6. Ash
  7. Ponderosa Pine
  8. Ragweed
  9. Arroyo Willow
  10. Box Elder

While all of these allergens can affect you, trees are the biggest culprit right now. Allergies can lead to headaches, congestion, sneezing, watery eyes, and more. Tackling your allergies isn’t a lost cause, however. There are a few things you can do to take on these unwanted spores.

What You Can Do Outside Your Home

The first precaution you can take is to surround your home with low pollen and spore-producing landscaping. In addition to this, you can check the allergy forecast and avoid prolonged exposure on high allergy days. Furthermore, wash any clothes and items like were outdoors for long periods of time to rid them of residual pollen.

What You Can Do Inside Your Home

One of the best ways to fight against allergies and pollutants is to improve the air you breathe inside your home. Changing your air filter monthly is a great first step. Another option to consider is a whole-house indoor air quality system. These systems clean air before it reaches your family. Whole-house options to consider are air cleaners, air purifiers, and UV germicidal lamps.

Air Cleaners scrub the air inside your home, getting rid of dust, mold, and anything else brought in from the outside. An air purifier whole-house air filtration system is the most effective air cleaning system available. It thoroughly cleans and filters out 99.98% of airborne allergens that pass through the system.

With a UV germicidal lamp you will not just remove airborne contaminants; you will destroy them. A UV Germicidal Lamp is designed to kill mold and bacteria growing on your coils. A simple duct cleaning may also do wonders for keeping built up dust and allergens from entering your home.

Get Help From A Houston Air Conditioning and Indoor Air Quality Pro

No matter what option you choose, give us a call today! Let us help you and your family breathe easier (and cleaner).


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