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Prep for Spring

We’ve given you plenty of tips on how to best take care of your HVAC system during the cooler months and even some handy DIY tips to keep your home smelling fresh. But what about when the temperature really starts to ramp up? That means it is time to start spring cleaning!

Though the temperature has remained relatively warm, we’ve seen quite a few cooler days and many cold nights. This often leads to people making household changes that affect the indoor climate of their home as well as the overall cleanliness. Since we can expect a warmup soon, now would be the perfect time to make some easy adjustments!

Check your dryer vent

A dryer vent is a flexible metal tube that connects to your dryer. Its job is to allow the water vapor created by your dryer to escape outside. Sometimes the water vapor creates so much pressure that lint can be carried along with it.

After a period of time lint can build up on the outside of this vent making your dryer less effective and less energy efficient. The biggest concern with this type of buildup is that it’s a potential fire hazard. To ensure you never have an issue, check your dryer vent once every couple of months to clear any blockage and keep your appliance running smoothly!

Reset the thermostat

Most homeowners are very specific about how they program their thermostats during various times of the year. The majority of Texas homeowners leave their thermostats on the cooler side, but for a couple months it’s just chilly enough outside to crank that thermostat up. With the impending warmup, it’s a good idea to not just turn it down once but to actually reprogram your thermostat if it allows you to. This means you won’t have to run back and forth every day to turn down the thermostat.

Use fans properly

It’s not uncommon for homeowners in Texas and other warm states to use fans in their homes; however, during the cooler months these fans may be put away for storage as there isn’t much need for them. However, once the seasons change and it gets warmer outside, they will start to make a reappearance in homes. The key thing to remember about fans is that they don’t alter the temperature in a room, they simply move the air around making the room feel cooler. To get the most out of your fans remember to keep them as close to the floor as possible as warm air rises and pointed towards the opposite wall unobstructed by objects.

Maintain air vents

This maybe the most cliché type of cleaning to do during spring cleaning but there’s a reason why! It’s because air vents attract all sorts of dust, lint and many other forms of debris that can clog these vents causing stress on your HVAC system. This means it has to work harder and more often leading to higher bills and in the worst-case scenario causes a system failure. So, take a minute and vacuum, dust or even wash the HVAC surface vents throughout your home to keep the air circulating.

Schedule a spring AC tune-up

Bi-annual maintenance by a professional HVAC technician is vital to the performance and longevity of your system. If you’re in the Houston area and interested in scheduling an AC tune-up, we invite you to call us at (713) 481-1305 or schedule an appointment on our website.

Spring Maintenance Tips for the Home

Springtime seems to be the time that everything starts happening—the sun is up longer, the temperature starts heating up, and we start to be more active. It’s also a time for cleaning and maintenance around the home to recover from winter and look its best for the year.

Outside the Home:

  • Examine your roof shingles to see if any were lost or damaged from winter storms. This is also a good time to inspect your roof for any signs of possible leaks and to decide if it’s time to start saving for a new roof.
  • After checking out the roof shingles, check the exterior of your chimney for any damage, then remember to call a certified chimney sweep so they can inspect and clean out your chimney flue.
  • While you have the ladder out, go ahead and clean out the gutters and check for any loose or leaking gutters. Ensure that downspouts drain away from the foundation of your home and are cleaned out as well.
  • Clean out your dryer vent to avoid a house fire and save you money (it’ll help your dryer work more efficiently).
  • Inspect the paint job on your house—if there’s any cracked or peeling paint, do a touchup (or consider repainting the house a new color).
  • Call Air Specialist and take advantage of their Spring Tune-Up Special to have your air conditioning unit serviced. Routine maintenance will help your air conditioning perform at its optimum, more efficiently, and can save you money in the long run.

The Yard:

  • Check for any low laying areas in your yard that might need to be filled in with compacted soil.
  • Check any hoses kept outside for dry rot and any faucets for freeze damage. Smart tip from HGTV: Turn the water on and place your thumb or finger over the opening—if you can stop the flow of water, there could be a pipe inside the home that is damaged and will need to be replaced.
  • Warped, loose or splintered boards on your deck/patio can be a safety issue, so check that all of your boards are still intact and attached, then consider sweeping and/or power washing your deck. If you have a few dry days, consider staining and resealing the wood (or if it is composite decking, follow the manufacturers’ recommendations).

Inside the Home:

  • Vacuum your refrigerator coils with the vacuum hose and a brush to remove dust from the coils—that dust coats the coils and makes your refrigerator work harder to keep cool.
  • Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors. A good way to remember to do this routinely is to do so when you change your clocks twice a year—for daylight savings time.
  • Bob Vila recommends checking your attic for any new colonies of insects or critters, as well as any mold that might have formed. (If you see any gray or black blotches, that might be mold that needs to be removed.
  • If you’re using a standard thermostat, consider a programmable thermostat to help keep your home comfortable while saving energy and money this summer. Talk with a specialist at Air Specialist about the benefits of a thermostat from Honeywell.

Taking the time now will allow you to enjoy your home and yard throughout the warmer months!