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The Benefits of Duct Cleaning?

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Posted January 6, 2022
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You may be wondering if it’s worth the money to have your air ducts professionally cleaned. The answer is yes, and the experts at Air Specialist are ready to help you make sure only fresh, clean air is flowing throughout your home.

Your home’s ductwork system extends throughout your home, providing a handy route for air to filter to and from your heating and cooling unit. Most ductwork is hidden behind your walls, which is great for aesthetics but bad for being able to see what’s lurking within. Dust, debris, dog hair, mold, or other allergens and irritants may be loitering inside your ducts, flowing in and out with the air every time the HVAC fan turns on. The result can be a dusty house with you and your family members feeling less than ideal. A professional duct cleaning will not only help you feel better but can also help your HVAC system run more efficiently and potentially lengthen its lifespan. Read below for more duct cleaning benefits.

Duct cleaning finds hidden mold

Houston’s hot and humid climate can lead to moisture within the ductwork, which, in turn, can cause mold to grow unnoticed. Mold can cause irritation and allergy symptoms like headaches, itchy eyes, a scratchy throat, runny nose, or nausea. Mold is a serious problem and should be tackled by professionals like Air Specialist, who have the proper tools to eliminate this health threat.

Duct cleaning helps your home stay cleaner longer

Do you hate to dust regularly? Do you believe you can dust on Tuesday and see a new film on Wednesday? The chances are that dust has been getting caught within your ductwork and recirculating throughout your home, replacing the mess even before you put down the feather duster. Remove the accumulated dust from your ductwork, and you may not have to pick up that feather duster for a week!

Duct cleaning finds issues you’d rather not think about

Even the cleanest home can become a haven for mice and other pests seeking a place to hide. If a critter has taken up residence within your ductwork, chances are he’s leaving his calling cards, such as hair, urine, and feces. Air Specialist professionals are trained to remove those remnants, so you don’t have to.

Duct cleaning is not a DIY project

Sure, you can drag your Shop-Vac over to the vent and pull out some of the dust and debris that’s within reach, but do you own the proper tools for cleaning your ductwork while staying safe? Professional duct cleaners rely on a negative-pressure vacuum system and other devices that remove years of built-up debris and leave you with sparkling clean ducts.

Don’t let dust and dirt accumulate within your home and ductwork. Clean up the mess with Air Specialist’s professional duct cleaning services. Call Air Specialist today to schedule an appointment at your convenience.


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