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What’s the price range of a new air conditioning system?

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Posted October 7, 2021
Can you get A/C quote over phone

When the Houston heat is blazing (which is most of the time), we at Air Specialist get a lot of inquiries about how to stay cool. One of the most common questions we get is, “can you give me an estimate of how much a new air conditioner would cost over the phone?” Unfortunately, the answer is no.

To understand why we can’t give an estimate over the phone, you must understand the many variables affecting pricing.

The size of your home. The larger the house, the more cooling power you’ll need – approximately one ton of cooling for every 500 or 600 square feet. We’ll do what’s called a “load calculation,” which will take into account the climate, shape of your home, square footage, and the direction your home faces. Too much tonnage and your air conditioning system will turn on and off frequently, leading to wasted energy and higher electric bills. Too little capacity and your AC system will strain under the load, struggling to cool your home and potentially shortening its lifespan.

How effective is your insulation? We’ll calculate how much air your home may lose from poor insulation. Bad windows can be another air loss culprit, as well.

Do you have ductwork? Some older homes don’t have ductwork. If ductwork and vent installation are necessary, it can add to the cost of the project.

Is an energy-efficient system a priority? Or would one that will get the job done be good enough? Systems that are more energy efficient tend to qualify for more tax breaks and can have a significant impact on your monthly energy bills.

How difficult will it be to remove the old system? It may be improperly wired or need additional attention. Sometimes, systems are just tough to access. In all of these cases, there may be additional costs incurred.

We’d hate to tell you that your project will cost X dollars over the phone, only to come out and find that it’s going to cost X+Y+Z dollars. And that is why we cannot give you a ballpark estimate over the phone. We’re just looking out for you!

While we can’t give you a ballpark estimate, according to HomeAdvisor, a typical range for air conditioner installation is between $3,814 and $7,494*. Keep in mind, those are averages, so the total price could be more or less. The good thing is, no matter what your budget is, the Air Specialist team can help you choose the best fit for cooling down your home.

Schedule some time to chat with our team to learn more about what a new A/C unit will cost you and your family by calling [csad_phone].



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