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When Should You Think About Purchasing a New HVAC System?

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Posted April 5, 2022
when to replace HVAC system

Are you anticipating a tax refund this year? While it might be tempting to think about a new vehicle or a luxury vacation, consider investing that money into your home. How’s your HVAC system treating you? Is it time to think about a replacement? Remember, vehicles rust, and vacations last only a week or two, but a dependable HVAC system means your home will stay comfortable for years to come. Air Specialist A/C Heating Insulation & More is your Houston-area authority on HVAC units and can help you decide if your tax refund will continue to pay you back with energy savings and comfort.

Is this your year for a new HVAC system? Read on to see if it’s time to replace your home’s current unit.

Your system is still running

This may sound counterintuitive, but the best time to start thinking about a new HVAC system is while your system is still working. Instead of sweating it out when the A/C goes down on a hot July day, research special offers now and learn more about the different cooling systems available in your area. Spring and fall months are typically less busy than the summer and winter months, meaning you likely won’t have to wait for an installation appointment.

Your system needs frequent repairs

Regular maintenance can add years to your HVAC system’s lifespan. However, things can still go wrong. An A/C that’s constantly running suggests that it’s not cooling as efficiently as it should. If you are always calling a service company because the house isn’t cool enough or the outside unit is making strange noises … at some point, you realize you’re spending more money on repairs and service calls than you would on a new system.

Your energy bills seem higher

As HVAC unit is not unlike the human body. As the HVAC unit gets older, it must work harder to produce desired results. An inefficient HVAC unit runs more often, leading to higher energy bills. Older units tend to be less energy-efficient than newer units, which means they cost more to run than their newer counterparts.

You’re interested in different or new technology

Perhaps you’ve been reading about heat pumps or ductless split systems and wonder if they would be a better option for your home. Maybe you’ve wondered if your HVAC system should include a whole-house filtration system to clear the air and keep your family healthy. The HVAC industry is constantly evolving and improving its products. If your HVAC unit is 10 years or older, you may discover it’s been replaced by technology that is easier to use, safer for the environment, and better for your home.

At Air Specialist A/C Heating Insulation & More, we can help you determine the best HVAC unit for your home and your family’s comfort. If you would like to explore an HVAC replacement or upgrade, call us at [csad_phone].


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