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Why Should I Get a Fall HVAC Tune-Up?

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Posted October 1, 2019

Getting regularly scheduled maintenance on your heating system is extremely important. But “regularly scheduled maintenance” isn’t something most of us like to hear, any more than “regularly scheduled dentist appointment.” Much like skipping a trip to the dentist, though, skipping your fall HVAC tune-up could lead to disaster in the winter.

Like it or not, winter is coming, and that means you should get your furnace checked now.

“Why?” you might ask. “Is it really necessary to get a fall HVAC tune-up every single year?”

Well, while you can probably get away with skipping a year if you’ve got a new furnace, you really shouldn’t risk it with a furnace that’s more than 10 years old.

Reason #1: Validating Your Warranty

Most furnace manufacturers state that improper maintenance voids your warranty. And if you think that missing one fall HVAC tune-up won’t void your warranty, you’d be surprised! Without proof that you’ve had yearly maintenance checks, it’s very possible your warranty won’t cover you in the event of a total breakdown. And, speaking of breakdowns…

Reason #2: Protecting Against Emergencies

From leaks, to old air filters, to dirty coils, to electricity problems, there are tons of ways your heating system could go haywire this winter! Not only is it expensive to replace a cracked heat exchanger or a bad ignitor, but if your furnace goes down entirely, your pipes could freeze and burst. You might think, “Pipes don’t freeze in Texas!” but there was an epidemic of frozen pipes in Houston in January 2018.

(If your furnace does quit, then leave a faucet running, open all cabinets and closets that have plumbing elements, and give us a call right away!)

The vast majority of emergencies can be prevented with the proper maintenance. A contractor will check the safety of combustion gases, your burners, your drainage system, and tens more technical elements during a fall HVAC tune-up.

Also, remember, an “emergency” can be worse than just a failed furnace. If you have a carbon monoxide leak and the sensor isn’t working, your health — and your family’s health — are in danger. That’s scarier than any Halloween haunted house, isn’t it?

Reason #3: An Efficiently-Running System is Also Cost Efficient

Not to state the obvious, but if your furnace is running optimally, you’re getting more heat for less energy. If you’ve got leaks, poor ductwork, or you just have a low-efficiency furnace, then your utility bill will be much higher in the winter.

So for that little voice in your head we mentioned earlier that asked, “Why should I get a fall HVAC tune-up? Why should I spend the money?” the answer may be that you’re actually saving money with an annual maintenance check!

Bonus Reason: Your Furnace Will Last Longer

Like we said above, warranties are great, but isn’t it better just to have a long-lasting furnace and to get as much use out of your system as possible? An efficiently-running system not only decreases your utility bill, but increases the life of the system.

If you’d like to get ahead of the game and schedule a fall HVAC tune-up, give us a call at (713) 481-1305 or make an appointment online.

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