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Latest Heating & Air Conditioning News

From money saving tips to do-it-yourself advice, the latest news and information, we want to help keep you and your family happy, comfortable and informed.

Why is my Houston Home So Humid?

Houston is humid. During the summer it can be uncomfortable to be outside, so you want your home to be comfortable inside. But did you know that humidity can haunt you inside as well?

Helping Your Texas Home Recover from a Flood

A major flood can be devastating to your home and your family. It’s the number one natural disaster in the United States. Depending on the severity of the flooding, you could be looking at weeks of recovery. Here are some things you should do to help expedite your flood recovery in your Texas home.

Your Air Conditioner and the Texas Floods: What You Should Do

The recent flooding in the Houston area has been unprecedented. With staggering rainfall totals in Southeast Texas, roads, cars, and homes are being consumed with water, and with those homes are air conditioning units. Using your air conditioner with these floods can be a dangerous situation.

7 Tips to Hiring an HVAC Contractor

Making sure you hired the right person is very important when it comes to hiring a heating and air conditioning contractor.

Leaking Air = Leaking Money

Do you feel a slight draft coming from your window, yet the window is closed? Not only is that your air conditioning seeping outside, but that’s also your hard-earned money escaping your home.

Spring Maintenance Tips for the Home

Springtime seems to be the time that everything starts happening—the sun is up longer, the temperature starts heating up, and we start to be more active. It’s also a time for cleaning and maintenance around the home to recover from winter and look its best for the year.