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Latest Houston Heating & Air Conditioning News

From money saving tips to do-it-yourself advice, the latest news and information, we want to help keep you and your family happy, comfortable and informed.

Which Preventative Maintenance Agreement is Best for You?

Regular maintenance is one of simplest and most efficient ways to extend the life of your heating and cooling system. Not having proper maintenance performed can leave you open to costly and avoidable breakdowns. To help address these issues, we offer several preventative maintenance agreements.

HVAC System Efficiency Tips

Spending extra money on heating and cooling is not something anyone wants. The easiest solution is, if course, purchasing a high-efficiency HVAC system. A new system can greatly increase the efficiency of your home, thus reducing your heating and cooling costs. It isn’t the most practical solution for everyone, however. If your system is only a few years old or just in great shape, you don’t have to miss out on getting energy savings.

A Day in the Life of an Air Specialist Technician

Working as an HVAC technician is not for someone who loves monotony. Every day brings with it different challenges and experiences. While the days may be different the work stays consistent since Air Specialist guarantees its technicians 40 hours a week with overtime opportunities.

Winter and Your HVAC System

Southeast Texas may be none for it’s hot, humid summers, but we luck out when it comes to our mild winters. Compared to the rest of the county we have it good. Snow is basically unheard of and the average temperature is 43 and 63. We only see about 10 days below freezing every year. Just because our winters are mild, doesn’t mean there is no effect on your HVAC system.

What’s Hot and What’s Not: 2017 Home Trends

Home trends, they come and they go. While some come back around, many are left in the decade which they originated. Even year to year, trends can change. 2016-2017 is no exception. When a new Pantone “Color of the Year” taking over, it is time for some other home trend changes.

Energy Resolutions to Make in 2017

2017 is almost here. That means it is time to start thinking about the changes you will make in 2017. No doubt two of those resolutions are to save money and become more environmentally friendly. Luckily, you can kill two birds with one stone!