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Duct systems are used to distribute air from a central fan system to various areas of a home. If your ductwork isn’t working properly, your comfort will be compromised and it could be costing you in lost energy.

New ductwork in a Houston area home

Ductwork is an important part of your home comfort system, heating & cooling. If working correctly, it will allow air to move properly throughout your home keeping you cool and comfortable year round. If you are having problems with air not reaching certain rooms of your home, you may need to consider duct replacement.

Ductwork can also deteriorate over time forming cracks that allow conditioned air to escape in your attic and hot, dirty air to get pulled into your home. We can come out to your Houston area home and determine if your duct work needs replacement or if some simple repair work is all that is required to resolve the problem.

At Air Specialist, we’re proud to offer Quietflex Flexduct products, the preferred provider of flexible duct to the HVAC industry.

Contact us today for more information about duct replacement or any other products or services we offer to the Houston, TX area.

Customer Review

My tech and he was very informative and observant. He discovered I need some duct work done and made recommendations. Thank you for your courteous and professional service.

Eva G.

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