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How to Solve Uneven Heating and Cooling Issues

Have you ever walked into your guest bedroom that you seldom use and wondered why it’s so much warmer than the rest of your home? If so, your home could suffer from a heating and cooling balancing issue. It can be a frustrating problem to have especially if you are hosting overnight guests. We’ve listed…


My A/C Compressor Won’t Turn On

The compressor is the heart of your home’s air conditioning system. As it moves refrigerant through the machine, heat is transferred from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit, cooling your home in the process. 


Air Purifiers Help You Breathe Easy

“The air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialized cities,”  according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); installing a whole-house air purification system can help keep your indoor air cleaner.


The Creepy Truth about What Could Be Lurking Inside Your Air Ducts


We are here to warn you, what could be lurking inside of your air ducts at this very minute could shock you.

According to Nadca, the HVAC Inspection, Maintenance and Restoration Association, if your air ducts look dirty, they probably are.

They recommend that if you are concerned about the cleanliness of your air duct system, you should have them cleaned by a reputable, licensed HVAC professional.


Winter and Your HVAC System


Southeast Texas may be none for it’s hot, humid summers, but we luck out when it comes to our mild winters. Compared to the rest of the county we have it good. Snow is basically unheard of and the average temperature is 43 and 63. We only see about 10 days below freezing every year. Just because our winters are mild, doesn’t mean there is no effect on your HVAC system.


8 Tips to Help Take Your Football Watch Parties to the Next Level

Big Screen Television

The fall means football for many people and for others, it means a new season of television. Whatever the reason, the fall is watch party season. Here are a few tips to make your next gathering with friends around a television the best watch party possible.   What would a watch party be without a…


The Best Place to Install Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioning technology is continually pushing for improvements that reduce the environmental footprint and make cooling systems more energy efficient. The environment and your wallet benefit from high-efficiency equipment – but you won’t see these benefits if your air conditioner is improperly installed. Placement matters Without proper installation you can offset the advantages of a…


How to Prepare your HVAC System for Spring Storms

An HVAC system with a storm cloud hanging over it

Here in Texas, we have an expansive land area with very diverse climates throughout the state. The Houston area is a part of what is known as the Piney Woods region of the United States. Some areas of this region receive more than 60 inches of rain annually, and with spring right around the corner, we’re expecting frequent thunderstorms and rain showers.

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