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Heat Pump Vs Furnace…Which Is Better?

Furnace vs a Heat Pump

Most people aren’t aware of the “heated” argument about which is better: heat pump vs furnace. But it’s very important that you make the right choice for your home, which is why we’re settling the debate once and for all…


Why Should I Get a Fall HVAC Tune-Up?


Like it or not, winter is coming, and that means you should get your furnace checked now so you don’t run into any emergencies later. In this article, we discuss even more reasons why getting regularly scheduled maintenance on your heating system is extremely important!


How to Solve Uneven Heating and Cooling Issues

Have you ever walked into your guest bedroom that you seldom use and wondered why it’s so much warmer than the rest of your home? If so, your home could suffer from a heating and cooling balancing issue. It can be a frustrating problem to have especially if you are hosting overnight guests. We’ve listed…


Best Tips for Cooling a Sunroom

sunroom with fan

A sunroom is a fantastic place for you, your family, and friends to gather to watch a football game, play a board game or just enjoy each other’s company. The good and the bad part of a sunroom is the “sun” part. There’s nothing like being surrounded by natural light, but the heat that the…


Ways to Lower Your Monthly A/C Bill

Piggy Bank - Save on AC Costs

Everybody is feeling the heat this summer, so that means you’re going to be running the A/C a lot. However, you can save your wallet by taking proactive measures to help lessen the blow. Here are a couple of ideas for you to try out!


Why Is My A/C Unit Leaking Water?

Air conditioning system at a Houston area home

A leaky A/C unit can be a real headscratcher. It’s typical for an A/C unit to create some condensation as it’s a part of the cooling process, but excessive leaking can be cause for concern.


Why Is My A/C Constantly Running?

Houston homeowner confused because her air conditioner is constantly running

It’s hot outside, and it’s not uncommon for your A/C to be running a lot in order to keep your home comfortable for everyone. However, it should turn off after the temperature adjusts to your desired setting. If it is constantly running, you may be experiencing some sort of problem. We’ve listed some of the most common reasons why your A/C might be working overtime this summer.

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