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Ask AS about what brand to choose

Does the HVAC Brand Really Matter?

Do HVAC brand matter? Air Specialist recommends Lennox products, and we’ll tell you why in our online blog. ⏬

Caustic drain cleaners

The Effects of Caustic Drain Cleaners

Is your sink or tub backed up from a clog? 🚰💧It may be tempting to reach for a drain cleaner, but you could be damaging your home’s pipes with repeated use. Find out more on our online blog.

Things to consider when buying a heat pump

What to Consider When Upgrading to a Heat Pump

What do you know about heat pumps❓❔ Are they a better option for your Houston area home? Find out more in this month’s blog. ⏬

preparing pipes for winter

How to Prepare Your Pipes for Winter

Even Houston isn’t immune to winter storms or occasional freezing temperatures. 🥶 Protect your home’s pipes with tips on our online blog. ⏬

What not to put in your toilet or garbage disposal

What Not to Put Down Your Garbage Disposal and Toilets

Not everything is meant to be flushed away. Our online blog looks at what you should avoid throwing down your garbage disposal or toilet 🚽🧻 so you’re not faced with a plumbing emergency. 👇🏻

Importance of a maintenance plan

Why You Should Purchase an HVAC Maintenance Plan

Are HVAC maintenance plans worth the money 💲💲 they cost? We think so, and we’ll explain why in our online blog. ⏬

Meeting with rep

The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act Gives Homeowners Great Reasons to Upgrade Home Heating and Cooling Systems

The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act may save you money 💵 on a new HVAC system. But how will it affect your bottom line, and when is the best time to buy? Explore the new legislation and learn more about your options in this month’s online blog. ⏬

Service for a Cure

Service for a Cure: Air Specialist Supports Breast Cancer Awareness and Research

In October, Air Specialist will be donating a portion of proceeds from every service call to the Susan G. Komen Houston🎗️organization. Now is the time to rely on Air Specialist for all your HVAC and plumbing needs. Find out more about our commitment to ending breast cancer in this month’s online blog. ⏬

Water Heater Size

What size water heater do you need?

Is it time for a new hot water heater? 💧🔥 How can you make sure you’re getting one that will keep the hot water flowing for your family? Air Specialist tells you how in our online blog.

Cooling without A/C

Staying cool without A/C

Did your home’s A/C take a break? 💔 Are you trying to save a little money on your energy bills by cutting down or turning off the air? Learn how to stay cool without A/C in this month’s online blog. 👇🏻

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