DIY Home Air Freshners

Baking cookies and cakes make your home smell wonderful but cracking out your baking tools every day would be an unrealistic goal. Here are some DIY options that will make your home smell great without sweating in the kitchen.

4 Easy Resolutions for you and your HVAC system

“New year, new me,” said every Facebook post. The gyms are packed, people are Instagramming salads and smoothies, and everyone burns out by Valentine’s Day. Resolutions take time to become a habit but what if there were easy goals that also improved your quality of life? Here are some simple goals that double as taking care of your home and HVAC system.

Noises you may hear when you turn on your furnace

A furnace is a piece of mechanical equipment – and as such, it has moving parts which make some noise when it’s in use. There are, however, differences between ‘good’ noises and ‘bad’ ones. The nice quiet hum of motors running smoothly and fans blowing, and air whooshing up through vents all count as ‘good’ or normal. However, there are strange noises which occur from time to time that may make you wonder if something has gone awry.

Shopping for a new heating/cooling system? Here’s what to look for

When you’re shopping this time of year, you’re usually thinking “holiday” not “HVAC” - but when you need a new heating and cooling system, shopping around is the right thing to do. And because a new heating and cooling system represents a sizeable investment, it’s a good idea to consider the following as you start your search.

What are Those Strange Smells Coming from My Air Vents?

Your HVAC system runs most of the time, sometimes cooling, sometimes heating, and always circulating air. Occasionally, you may notice there are odors that come in with the air flow. They can be unpleasant, annoying, or barely noticeable. But whatever the smell, it’s usually worth finding out why it’s there.

Blow Off Steam the Right Way: Ventilation During the Holidays

Holiday cooking can mean a lot of overtime in the kitchen. When you’re preparing food for visiting friends and family over the holidays, you may have a drastic increase of steam and/or smoke in your kitchen.

Common Causes of Heating and Cooling System Fires

It may surprise you to know that the second leading cause of home fires involves heating equipment. And air conditioners and heat pumps are comparable in the numbers of fires, so it’s important to be aware of potential problems related to both systems before they become actual fires. Here are some things to consider:

Creepy Critters in Your HVAC

During this time of year, you expect to see a lot of creepy critters around the house - but as Halloween decorations, not pests in your HVAC. Ironically, there are probably both. When the temperatures start dropping below 70 degrees some of those critters may start seeking out places to escape the cooler temperatures.

Fall Home Improvement Tips for Energy Efficiency

Fall is here, and while the days are still warm, the evening temperatures are slowly dropping. It’s a good time to start preparing your home for the cooler months. Taking time to go over a home improvement checklist can save you money and increase your comfort in the seasons to come.

Keep Forgetting to Change Your Air Filter?

Changing your air filter regularly and as recommended is one of the most important maintenance steps you can take to extend the life of your equipment and improve the performance of your heating and cooling system. Unfortunately, there’s no little alarm that goes off to let you know it’s time to change your filter, and you might simply forget.