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Hot Water When You Need It … What’s Not to Love?

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Posted February 2, 2023
Hot water heater

Your water heater is all that’s standing between you and an unwelcome cold shower. When the water heater is working correctly, you can look forward to a steamy bathroom with invigoratingly warm water flowing from the showerhead. But when there’s trouble in the hot water tank, you’ll notice that your water isn’t heating up or simply stays chilly all the time. Air Specialist of Houston is here to keep the hot water coming with regular flush and fill service visits.

How do these annual visits impact your water heater efficiency and longevity? Read on.

How does your water heater work?

A water heater works by bringing in cold water through what’s called a dip tube. Gas or electric-powered heating elements inside the tank heat the water. Hot water rises to the top of the tank, exiting through another pipe and traveling to your shower, tub, sink, or faucet.

The sediment problem

Most water sources naturally contain sediment from minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron. These sediments will sink to the bottom of your water heater, where they can accumulate and build up over time. If too much sediment accumulates, you may notice low water pressure or dirty water coming out of your faucets. Excess sediment may also cause blockages and even cause pipes to burst.

Houston area homes may be prone to sediment buildup due to our naturally hard water. A water softener may help with sediment buildup, but there’s always a chance that minerals or sand and grit from municipal water lines make it into the hot water tank, contributing to an eventual buildup at the bottom of your tank.

Flush and fill basics

Flush and fill is a procedure where a trained Air Specialist plumber or technician attaches a hose to your hot water tank and empties the water into a nearby drain. By completely emptying the tank – rather than drawing the hot water from the top of the tank when you’re taking a shower – this technique removes the sediment that has taken up residence at the bottom. Your Air Specialist technician will also take the opportunity to inspect the heating elements and other parts of your water heater to ensure it’s working at its maximum capacity.

Ideally, homeowners should schedule an annual flush and fill service call to ensure the health and efficiency of their hot water tank. However, certain red flags indicate that your water heater needs attention now:

  • Your water takes longer to heat.
  • The water pressure seems lower than usual.
  • Your water heater makes bubbly or rattly noises.
  • You start to see sediment in the water coming from your faucet.

Don’t ignore this important task. Schedule your annual flush and fill service today. Air Specialist A/C Heating Plumbing & More can handle your plumbing needs, including water heaters, plumbing repair, new equipment, and drain clearing. Call us now or schedule your appointment online now.


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