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Deep freeze prep for TX

How to Prepare for a Texas Deep Freeze

Nobody wants to face another deep freeze. Prepare now to keep your home and family safe and warm if the temperatures drop again to arctic levels.

Summer HVAC Maintenance

End-of-Summer Heat and A/C System Maintenance

Hey, Houston, now is the time to check your home’s comfort system and prepare for the cooler months. Simplify your life with these four tips from the Air Specialist team on things you should do right now to help maintain the longevity of your system.

Hot and cold spots in home

How to Combat Hot and Cold Spots in Your House

Many homeowners are familiar with the hot or cold spots that can develop in a home, such as a cold bathroom or hot bedroom. These can be uncomfortable and, unfortunately, also contribute to inefficient energy usage. But how do you fix it?

A city street during a hurricane

Hurricane Season is Coming: How to Prepare Your HVAC System

Hurricane season here in Houston is no joke! You probably know what to do to prepare yourself … but what about your HVAC system?

An exterior shot of an ivy covered home in autumn

Make Sure You’re Ready for Fall with These 3 Household Chores

Is it fall already? Just about! That means it’s time to do fall maintenance and get your HVAC system ready for the autumn weather …

Water Saving Landscaping

Water-Saving Landscaping Tips

Because we usually do get a decent amount of rain, it’s sometimes easy to think that the Gulf Coast doesn’t have a water problem. But according to the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District (LSGCD), water levels in our local aquifers have declined at an alarming rate, while the population of Montgomery County alone is expected …

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6 Simple Ways to Save the Day (or How to Troubleshoot Your Furnace)

It's 5:30 am when you hit the alarm and notice it seems a little chillier than normal this morning. Thinking it is just a side effect of winter coming, you shuffle down the hall to the kitchen and notice the dog’s water bowl seems frozen too.


Roots can be a big problem. They can grow into the joints of the pipes. A little “root-x” flushed down the toilet can reduce the growth of roots in your pipes. It needs to sit in the pipes overnight, so do it before bed.

Pipe Insulation

Insulate those pipes before it gets cold! When temperatures are at or below freezing, running a steady drop of hot and cold water from your faucets may keep your pipes from freezing. If your pipes are not insulated, they can freeze even with a small flow of water. So, insulate those pipes! But beware; insulated pipes can freeze when there is no water movement to keep the pipes warm.

Garbage Disposal

Use cold water when the disposal is operating. You can clean your disposal by grinding ice cubes. When your disposal needs a little freshening, just grind some lemon peels. Of course, you should read your maintenance manual.

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