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3 Surprising Benefits of Keeping Your Home Below 70 Degrees

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Posted November 17, 2014

You probably already knew the cost and energy savings you see when lowering your thermostat – but we bet you didn’t know these freaky facts about lowering the temperature of your home.

Lowering Your Temperature Below 70 Degrees Can Help You Lose Weight. This just in time for the New Year. According to studies recently published by the journal, Diabetes, adjusting the temperature of your bedroom you may increase your metabolism.

Lowering Your Thermostat Below 65 Degrees Can Help You Sleep at Night and Keep Your Food Fresh Too. Yes, you read that right. Lowering the temperature of your home lessens the amount of work your fridge and freezer need to do to keep your food cool. Not only will you save energy from giving your fridge and freezer a break- but you may see a longer life and less maintenance out of them as well.

And lowering your temperature of your bedroom below 65 degrees can help you sleep too. When you go to sleep, your brain has a ‘set point’ it needs to reach before going to sleep- so lowering the temperature could help you fall asleep faster and stay longer.

How Low Can You Go? While every degree you lower your thermostat can reduce your energy bill by 1-3%, we recommend that you don’t dip too much below 55 degrees for any extended period. Anything colder than 55 degrees could cause you problems with your plumbing.

Of course, you are more likely to enjoy the maximum benefits of lowering your thermostat if you do so consistently. We recommend investing in a quality programmable thermostat. If you need help choosing the best one for your needs, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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