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6 Facts About Heat Pumps That Will Impress Your Friends.

If your friends are anything like ours, they find heat pumps fascinating and are curious to find out more about these little wonders of the heating and cooling world.  After all, Heat Pumps are some of the most versatile pieces of HVAC equipment and they are pretty cool too, no pun intended.  For example, you can use your heat pump to heat OR cool your home.  Some models can even heat water if you’re feeling like a cup of tea.  Pull any one of these nuggets of wisdom out at a dinner party or cookout and you are sure to impress.   


6 Common Causes of Air Conditioner Failure

If you’re like most people, you don’t think about your air conditioner until you need it to work and it doesn’t turn on.  We get it.  That’s why we're here.  We realize not many people are as passionate about air conditioning as we are, so we are here with a cheat sheet to assist you in the event that your system chooses the hottest day of the season to stop working.


Appliances Upgrades: When You May Need Them

kitchen appliances

Owning and maintaining a home can take a lot of work. There are so many things to consider both inside and out. Knowing when to replace home systems, appliances, and more, is key to keeping your home running smoothly. When things need to be replaced depends on a variety of factors such as age, frequency of use, quality, and new coding regulations. A


Can You Afford to Wait?

Obsolete Air Conditioners

Five Signs You Need to Replace Your Air Conditioner Before Next Summer

When your old air conditioner costs you more in dollars, sense, time or even your health, it may be in your best interest to go ahead and replace it now.  If you're like most people, you want to squeeze the most life out of the major equipment in your home, like your refrigerator, air conditioner or furnace before you replace it with a newer model.  Often this would seem the most practical approach, unless older equipment costs you more to run.  Sometimes you can even get a better price at the end of the summer season.  Read on to find out if you can afford to wait.


Winter and Your HVAC System


Southeast Texas may be none for it’s hot, humid summers, but we luck out when it comes to our mild winters. Compared to the rest of the county we have it good. Snow is basically unheard of and the average temperature is 43 and 63. We only see about 10 days below freezing every year. Just because our winters are mild, doesn’t mean there is no effect on your HVAC system.


Sometimes You Should Hold Your Breath

Hold your breath

Did you know that the air inside of your home could be up to 100 times more polluted than the air outside?

If you've ever questioned your indoor air quality, or if someone in your home suffers from allergies or respiratory issues, you may benefit from hiring an Indoor Air Quality Professional. 


HVAC System Efficiency Tips

HVAC system at a Houston home

Spending extra money on heating and cooling is not something anyone wants. The easiest solution is, if course, purchasing a high-efficiency HVAC system. A new system can greatly increase the efficiency of your home, thus reducing your heating and cooling costs. It isn’t the most practical solution for everyone, however. If your system is only a…


Which Preventative Maintenance Agreement is Best for You?

preventative maintenance agreement

Regular maintenance is one of simplest and most efficient ways to extend the life of your heating and cooling system. Not having proper maintenance performed can leave you open to costly and avoidable breakdowns. To help address these issues, we offer several preventative maintenance agreements. More than just helping to avoid system failures, maintenance can…

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