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5 Things You Should Do to Get Ready for Summer Storms

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Posted June 9, 2020

We have some severe summer storms here in Texas! And you probably already do quite a bit of preparation for these, such as trimming back trees, making sure your fence is fortified, and even having a home emergency kit, first aid kit, and family plan!

But have you thought about how to prepare your HVAC system for summer storms?

There’s not a lot you have to do, but it is pretty imperative that you do it!

No More Decor!

The first thing you definitely need to do is ensure that your yard is free of objects — even including patio chairs and tables if the storm is going to be bad enough, like Tropical Storm Imelda or Hurricane Harvey! The last thing you want is some random tchotchke in your yard slamming into your A/C unit. Take these items to a secure location before the storm hits!

On that note, another reason it’s so important to trim back tree branches, especially ones that already look like they’re in danger of falling, before a storm is because it could hit your A/C system head on!

Batten Down the Hatches

Another thing you can do if a storm is shaping up to be really bad is to use tie straps to secure your air conditioner down to the concrete.

However, chances are your A/C unit is already strapped down this way, since it’s required by Texas law for newly-installed air conditioners to have these. The straps can withstand up to 150 mph winds, so it’s all but guaranteed that your air conditioner isn’t going anywhere, even in the scariest of storms and hurricanes!

You might also be interested in getting an A/C cover, just to make sure your air conditioner is completely protected from debris and dirt flying in at high wind speeds.

Surge and Protect

So now you’re protected against the wind and the rain, but what about lightning? You should make sure if you’re having a new air conditioning system installed that the tech provides surge protection.

Lightning can strike anywhere, and that includes your air conditioner!

Last Steps

Before the storm or hurricane is about to hit, turn off your air conditioner (switching it off both on your thermostat, and the breaker switch itself).

Then, after the storm has passed and hopefully everything is perfectly intact, take a look at your unit and make sure it doesn’t look damaged. If it does, don’t attempt to turn it back on. Instead, give us a call, and let us inspect and repair it!

Get a Tune-Up, During the Calm Before the Storm!

We’re happy to help you and your A/C system weather any storm! It’s critical to get an AC tune-up to make sure your system is in optimal working condition, not only because of storms, but because of everyday wear and tear. If you need to schedule a tune-up in the Greater Houston area, contact us or give us a call at [csad_phone].


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