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5 Ways to Lower Your A/C Bills!

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Posted May 4, 2021
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Hot weather is already here, and hotter weather is on the way! If you’re dreading high A/C bills, check out our top 5 tips:

1. Invest in a programmable thermostat or a smart thermostat

You’ve probably heard of both of these types of thermostats before but might not know the difference … A programmable thermostat is one where you pick the temperature settings, and then it will continue to do what you’ve programmed it to do. For example, you might set the temperature as high as 80 degrees when no one is home, let’s say from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day. That would you save lots of money from the reduced energy, without having to remember to mess with your thermostat every day! On the other hand, a smart thermostat is even, well, smarter. It’s smart because it has an Internet connection and can automatically adjust the temperature for a mix of comfort and savings without your involvement. It is also able to detect whether you’re home. So, a smart thermostat involves even less hassle than a programmable thermostat!

2. Become a fan!

A ceiling fan is an essential part of staying cool while saving money! The trick is, in the summer, you want to run your fan counterclockwise. In the winter, you want to run it clockwise. Why? Because the counterclockwise direction forces air down, which blows a cool breeze on you. In the winter, you want your fan to be running clockwise because this forces the air that’s closer to the ceiling (and therefore warmer) down to floor level. That’s also why you want to be running it counterclockwise in summer – to draw warm air up, and push the cool air down.

3. Upgrade windows

If your first thought here is, “What does my computer have to do with my A/C bill?” No! We are talking about upgrading your actual windows.  Energy-efficient windows prevent hot air in the winter, and cool air in the summer, from escaping your home. They have three panes, which increase insulation while reducing your energy bills!

4. Replace your filter

Don’t forget the easiest way to save money on your A/C bills: just making sure you have a clean air filter! The dirtier the filter is, the more dust and debris accumulate, not only on the filter itself, but it eventually ends up blocking your vents too. This makes your job more challenging and makes your bills skyrocket. If air can freely circulate with a clean air filter, those bills will be back down again in no time!

5. Call Air Specialist

If your A/C bills are unreasonably high and none of these tips are working, the problem could be an OLD A/C! A long time ago, the highest SEER rating possible was 10. Or, maybe you have a 14 SEER system, which is the minimum amount currently required by law! Replace a 10 SEER with a 20 SEER, and your bills will be cut in half! And if that’s not realistic for you, by replacing it with an 18 SEER, you still save 44% per year!

Air Specialist here in the Greater Houston area is happy to answer any questions you have. We’ll help you get into your comfort zone this coming summer. Just contact us online or give us a call: [csad_phone]!


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