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Are You Ready for Cold Weather? Three Steps to Better Insulate Your Home.

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Posted September 10, 2014

Chances are this very second your home is leaking air and costing you money.

But before you go rushing out to the hardware store for weatherstripping, just sealing the obvious drafts around your windows and under your doors won’t save you nearly as much as you think.

Air leaks are most uncomfortable when you can feel them, but they cost you the most when you don’t notice them at all.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Program, you can save up to 20% of your cooling costs by properly insulating and sealing your home.

More often than not, you need only look up to find that the most significant air leaks in your home are hidden in your attic.

Step One: you guessed it, its time to head up to your attic. To find out if you have enough insulation you will need to measure its thickness. A good rule of thumb here in Houston is to have the equivalent of at least R30 or approximately 11 inches of fiberglass/rock wool or 8 inches of cellulose and up to R60 for maximum benefits.

Step Two: decide if you will do-it-yourself or hire a contractor. While it is possible to do it yourself, it is much easier, and you will see much more consistent results if you choose to hire a professional.

Step Three: If you decide to do it yourself, you will need to determine how much insulation you need and what type. There are three main types of insulation to consider and how much depends on the type.

• Cellulose- made up of recycled newsprint and other paper.
• Fiberglass (blown-in)- made up of spun glass and has the same ‘fluffy’ appearance as cellulose.
• Batts- rolls of fiberglass insulation most commonly found in hardware stores.

We recommend researching the best method of installation based on the type of installation you will install.


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