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Posted July 16, 2014

Five Signs You Need to Replace Your Air Conditioner Before Next Summer

When your old air conditioner costs you more in dollars, sense, time or even your health, it may be in your best interest to go ahead and replace it now.  If you're like most people, you want to squeeze the most life out of the major equipment in your home, like your refrigerator, air conditioner or furnace before you replace it with a newer model.  Often this would seem the most practical approach, unless older equipment costs you more to run.  Sometimes you can even get a better price at the end of the summer season.  Read on to find out if you can afford to wait.

Signs Its Time to Put Your Air Conditioner Out on the Curb

1. It Costs More to Run.  Old air conditioners are surprisingly inefficient, and we see many systems that are simply too large for the space they are cooling.  Recent legislation requires a minimum of 13 SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), making newer models approximately 30% more efficient than the previous minimum of 10 SEER.  Also important to keep in mind, a good contractor will take multiple factors into consideration when providing you with a recommendation for new equipment.  Installing a larger, more expensive system than you need, will cause your system to cycle off and on more regularly, resulting in a less efficient system and higher utilities.
2. It Makes You Sick.  Older air conditioners, even when properly maintained, still harbor bacteria, dirt, mold and mildew.  Newer models are clean and help you breathe easier.
3. It turns on and turns right back off again.  Newer, more efficient models are better at maintaining the temperature of your home.  Your unit won't need to cycle off and on as often to cool your home that will save you money- AND energy too.
4. It’s Unreliable.  Banish the fear that your system is going to quit working when you need it most.  A newer model also won’t cost you time and money for unplanned emergency repairs.
5. It Wastes Energy.  More energy-efficient systems are better for the environment.  Not only do they require less energy to run, they also use R-410A instead of R-22 (Freon), which is being phased out because it depletes the ozone layer.
Can you imagine how amazing your life will be once you get back all of the time, energy and money that your old air conditioner costs you?  Give us a call today, and we will come right out to help you discuss your options, discreetly of course.  We wouldn't want your old system to overhear.


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