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How Can I Lower Humidity in My Home This Summer?

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Posted July 6, 2021
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Staying “red, white, and cool” this summer is hard when you’re dealing with high humidity. Houston, Texas, is known for its humid temperatures, but that doesn’t mean you can’t effectively reduce moisture in your own home. With the help of these tips from Air Specialist Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ll have your family comfortable at home in no time.

Try a dehumidifier

Just like a humidifier helps improve air quality in the winter, a dehumidifier can help reduce humidity in the summer. Reducing moisture in your home will make your family feel cooler, lowering the need for constantly running the A/C and saving you money in utilities and maintenance/repairs. Portable dehumidifiers are relatively cheap and easy to find, or you can discuss a whole-house option with your Air Specialist technician.

Get more fresh air or fans

Sometimes the conditioned air in your home may be even more humid than the air outside. When this is the case, try opening a few windows for some fresh air to reduce humidity. This may be best in the evenings or early mornings when temperatures are cooler. You can also try a ceiling or floor fan to spread moisture in the air, especially in one specific space.

Better utilize ventilation

Ventilation is key when trying to reduce humidity. One (literal) hot spot for moisture is the kitchen, so try turning on a ventilation fan or opening a nearby window as you’re cooking. You can even try covering boiling pots and pans to reduce steam further. The amount of vapor produced from your bathroom can also heavily impact the humidity throughout your home. Always make sure to turn on your bathroom’s ventilation fan when taking a hot shower.

Manage home water usage

In addition to properly using your vent or fan in the bathroom, encourage your family to take showers that are shorter or cooler. You can also reduce humidity by doing laundry less frequently and washing with cold water or cooler dryer temperatures. Another often-overlooked source of moisture is standing water in your home. After washing dishes or brushing your teeth, ensure the sink and counter are wiped down and dry.

Schedule an A/C tune-up

If you’re still noticing humidity or moisture buildup issues in your Houston area home, try scheduling a cooling system tune-up with the experts at Air Specialist. We can check the A/C drain lines and drip pans for excess moisture and ensure that everything is properly working to keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long.

When you need help with humidity in your home this summer, call Air Specialist at [csad_phone] for your 100% satisfaction-guaranteed HVAC visit.


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