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Should My HVAC Fan Be Set to “On” or “Auto”?

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Posted August 3, 2021
ON or AUTO setting

Have you ever wondered if it’s better to keep your HVAC system fan set to “on” or “auto”? Both options have their pros and cons. Do you want better air circulation or a lower electricity bill? Do you prefer knowing your home’s air is constantly circulating throughout the home, even if you must replace the filter more often? What’s right for your family?

The auto setting

The auto setting means the unit’s fan only comes on when the temperature falls above or below your desired setting. Do you like a cool 72° home? With the auto setting, the fan and the A/C begin to run as soon as the air hits 73°. Once your home reaches 72°, the system shuts off until it’s needed again.

The auto setting has many advantages:

  • It’s the most cost-effective, as the fan only turns on when the system is running.
  • Your filter may last longer because air isn’t continually being forced through it.
  • The fan only comes on with the heat or the A/C, eliminating an unnecessary draft between cycles.

The on setting

The on setting means the fan is always running, circulating air throughout the house regardless of whether your HVAC system is pumping heat or A/C. This continuous air circulation can cause a higher energy bill, and it also causes more wear and tear on your HVAC system. Also, you’ll have to replace your air filter more often. However, it has its advantages:

  • The continuous air circulating through your air filter means fewer allergens and dust to breathe.
  • This setting tends to distribute air more evenly throughout the home, cutting down hot and cold spots.
  • Many homeowners enjoy the subtle air circulation throughout their home even when the HVAC system is off, especially in the summer when any air movement is welcome.
  • Your blower motor may last longer because there are fewer starts and stops.

What is best?

For the fiscally conservative, the auto setting is your best bet. It ensures the system is only running when necessary, which can mean a lower electricity bill. It also extends the life of your filter and cuts down on those pesky cool drafts between heat cycles in the winter. If whole-house comfort is your goal, keep the system set to “on” to maximize climate control. You’ll also enjoy a cleaner home because your air filter is removing dust and allergens throughout the day.

The right thermostat

A programmable thermostat makes your life easier, whether it’s set to “on” or “auto.” You can set a daily schedule through a touch screen, ensuring your home is comfortable for the family when they’re home without paying to keep it at temperature when the house is empty. Contact Air Specialist now at [csad_phone] to learn more about our thermostats, HVAC systems, and other products. Remember our exclusive 100% satisfaction guarantee!


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