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A Day in the Life of an Air Specialist Technician

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Posted January 30, 2017
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Working as an HVAC technician is not for someone who loves monotony. Every day brings with it different challenges and experiences. While the days may be different the work stays consistent since Air Specialist guarantees its technicians 40 hours a week with overtime opportunities.

A typical day for an Air Specialist technician begins around 5 or 6am. Given information on your first call the night before, you know exactly where your headed and how long it may take you to get there. Once you get going, you and your truck head straight to the job, you don’t have to stop by the office first. Since your truck is always fully stocked, you’re ready to go.

Arriving at our first stop around 8am, you greet the homeowner and find out what issues they may be having. You’re then off to inspect the unit. The most common calls for techs are maintenance calls and repairs. A maintenance tune-up takes around 45 minutes to half an hour depending on any repairs that may need to be done. Repair only calls typically take an hour to an hour and a half depending on the scope of work. All maintenance and repair calls have the same general flow.

  1. Greet the homeowner and ask questions about their system.
  2. Check and recalibrate thermostat.
  3. Check system following Air Specialist procedure or make repairs.
  4. Fill out paperwork for Air Specialist office and homeowners.
  5. Report back to homeowners any potential issues you may have come across using Nexstar training.
  6. Complete necessary repairs or schedule work for a later date if needed.

While demand changes per season, a typical day sees 4-6 calls of varying lengths. Technicians choose when they want to grab lunch anytime between 11 and 3. Once technicians are finished with their first call or lunch, they call into dispatch and head to their next appointment. Appointments are not assigned until technicians call in so they do not feel rushed on any project. Depending on the season, technicians are typically done for the day between 4 and 7 when they head home to their families to prepare for the next day’s work.

An Air Specialist HVAC technician on the job

No matter what the day does bring, Air Specialist makes sure you’re prepared. Aside from a few weeks of company training, Air Specialist puts a premium on the continued education of its staff. Air Specialist sends it technician into training a few times a year to brush up on new equipment and procedures.

If you’re interested in becoming an Air Specialist technician or want more information, apply on our careers page or call us today (ask for Stephanie).


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