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Musty Smells from HVAC vents

Baking cookies and cakes makes your home smell wonderful but cracking out your baking tools every day would be an unrealistic goal. Here are some DIY options that will make your home smell great without sweating in the kitchen.

Citrus makes Everything Better

Lemon juice is a great deodorizer for your sink and orange peels refresh your smelly fridge. Slice up a lemon and squeeze a few drops into your disposal opening. Let it sit for a few minutes before running water and turning on the disposal. When baking soda can’t handle the smell of your fridge, cut an orange in half and remove the fruit. Set the orange shell in a bowl and pour some salt inside the rind and set in the fridge. The smell of the orange will waft over your fridge and you won’t cringe when you open the door anymore.

Set out Coffee grounds

The smell of coffee can awaken even the sleepiest of non-morning people, but it can also combat icky room odors. Grind them, brew them or bake them in the oven to neutralize odors and fill your space with your favorite coffee shop smell.

Craft an Orange Clove Pomander

If you want your home to smelllike a bakery mixed with the holidays, give this natural air freshener a try.Pierce the skin of an orange in several places and stud with cloves. As thefruit dries, it releases a sweet and spiced scent. For more intricate ways tomake this, check out the directions here.

Regular FilterChanges

Changing out your filters regularly allows your system the refresh it deserves for working hard. Odor build-up is created in your air filters over time from removing dust and particles from the air and not changing them regularly can fill your home with a funky smell. Once changed, your filter can do a great job of catching more air contaminants and your home will smell great again.

Having your air ducts cleaned and your system tuned-up will ensure your system is in good shape to circulate clean air and make your home smell like the oasis you deserve. If you would like to know more about general maintenance, contact a local HVAC company like Air Specialist.

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