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Does the HVAC Brand Really Matter?

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Posted January 3, 2023
Ask AS about what brand to choose

You’re in the market for a new HVAC system. You start shopping, and you’re inundated with name brands, all purporting to be the best in the business. Is there any truth to the claims? Which HVAC brand does Air Specialist A/C Heating Plumbing & More of Houston prefer? Instead of being overwhelmed with brand names and claims, turn to the HVAC experts you can trust.

The short answer? Lennox®. The longer answer? While Lennox is the primary brand we recommend, we also work with other brand-name equipment. Other brands can suit your needs as a homeowner but read on to find out why we’re partial to Lennox.

Energy efficiency

Many Lennox products are ENERGY STAR® qualified, meaning they use less energy than typical HVAC products. The U.S. Department of Energy sets strict criteria for a product to be considered ENERGY STAR qualified. A central A/C unit, for instance, must have a higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) and energy efficiency ratio (EER) rating and use 8 percent less energy than traditional models to achieve this certification. Why is this important? Energy-efficient equipment doesn’t use as much energy to keep you cool, saving you money on your energy bills.


You want to be happy with your HVAC system. It’s a major investment that you hope to have for several years. Many Lennox HVAC products receive ratings of four stars or more from homeowners. Lennox is also available in all 50 states. You can continue your brand loyalty if you move out of Texas. (We’d miss you, though.) We also like the Lennox warranty, which offers at least five years on parts, five years on your compressor, and 20 years on the heat exchanger. Warranties vary by equipment, but you can also purchase the Lennox Warranty Your Way™, which includes three more years of labor coverage at no additional cost.

Environmentally friendly

Lennox is a company dedicated to reducing carbon emissions in its products. Its commitment to environmentally friendlier products extends beyond air conditioners to home-air purification systems. The company is a four-time recipient of the ENERGY STAR® Manufacturing Partner of the Year award.

Three tiers of products to fit your budget

You may think you have to select a lesser-known brand to stay within your HVAC budget. That’s not true, especially with the Lennox tiered product lines. The Lennox Merit® Series offers budget-friendly products that meet the Lennox standard of excellence. The Lennox Elite® Series takes comfort to the next level, while the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection is for those who want the highest comfort and qualify for their home’s HVAC system. You can’t go wrong with a Lennox product in any series.

A long history in the business

At Air Specialist, we’re proud of our more than 50 years of experience in the HVAC industry. But Lennox has been around more than twice as long. Lennox introduced its first HVAC product, a riveted-steel furnace, in 1895. It moved into the A/C business in 1952. Longevity counts in the HVAC business, so Air Specialist has opted to work with Lennox products. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and warranties, so working with a company built on reliability makes sense.

Whether you’re looking for a new HVAC system or you just need repairs or an annual tune-up, Air Specialist A/C Heating Plumbing & More can help. We stand behind the products we offer, including the Lennox brand. Our skilled HVAC technicians are qualified to install and work on whatever brand you have in your home. When you call on Air Specialist, you’re calling on the Houston HVAC experts. Want to learn more? Call us or reach out online.



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