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Elon Musk is Going to Revolutionize HVAC Systems!

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Posted May 5, 2020
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You’re probably familiar with the name Elon Musk, whether you know him from being the CEO of Tesla or SpaceX, or, more recently, from his pledge to help create ventilators in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. But is it true that what Musk has his eye on next is … HVAC systems?

Yes! The engineer and designer tweeted in March that he would “love to do home HVAC that’s quiet & efficient, with humidity control and HEPA filter.”

Personally, we’d love to hear more about what exactly Elon Musk means, especially because new Carrier systems already meet this qualification! For example, Carrier AirQuest air conditioners use the quietest scroll compressors, and with a 16.5 SEER rating, it’s one of the most efficient on the market. In fact, it can save you up to 50% on your average annual heating bill versus the national average.

But what about humidity control to make sure your family feels truly comfortable in their home? We offer a range of dehumidifiers from Honeywell and Aprilaire. And Elon Musk, for his part, understands that being uncomfortable in the summer isn’t because of the HEAT, but because of the HUMIDITY! And we understand that too.

We also offer whole-home humidifiers, so your throat and lungs aren’t irritated on those dry winter days, and so your furnace doesn’t have to work overtime.

Why does your furnace work overtime on dry days? Because dry air is less effective at keeping in heat then wetter air is!

These are all things that Elon Musk knows, and so in theory we’d be excited to hear more about the home HVAC system he would design. But we also think that our Carrier systems, our dehumidifiers and humidifiers, and our top of the line filters, don’t have much room for improvement!

One thing we are interested in hearing more about is Elon Musk’s plan to design a car that works with your HVAC system! What the heck does he mean by this?

Well, your HVAC system and your car would be able to talk to each other, and know exactly when you’re going to get home, so it could set the temperature at the perfect time before you get home. Quite similar to a smart thermostat! Elon Musk also had the idea to use the condensation produced by HVAC systems, to make clean recycled water!

No doubt there are some great ideas here, and if Elon Musk ever comes out with a highly efficient HVAC system to go with Tesla products, we’ll be the first to let you know.


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