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Fun Facts About Thanksgiving!

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Posted November 10, 2020
A cartoon turkey holding a freshly baked pie

We want to celebrate the Thanksgiving season by telling you some interesting facts you may not have already known — including HVAC facts!

1. The first Thanksgiving

Did you know the first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621, and was a 3-day festival that took place between 50 Pilgrims and 80 Wampanoag Native Americans? But turkey wasn’t on the menu. Instead, delicacies of the time included duck, goose, lobster, fish … and oysters. Ew! However, they did enjoy pumpkins and cranberries, just not in the form of pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce, the way we know them today.

Another thing that wasn’t on the menu during the first Thanksgiving was, of course, indoor heating!! That would have certainly been a cold holiday dinner for everyone up north in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Here in Houston, you’re probably not thinking about turning on your furnace yet. In case you do have your heat on, remember that if you’re cooking a turkey, your oven will produce a lot of heat, and you can actually turn down your thermostat.

2. The first football game

As we all know, football on Thanksgiving is a time-honored tradition. But how long has it been around? The first football game on Thanksgiving was in 1876, between Yale and Princeton. The first Thanksgiving football game that was officially an NFL game was in 1920.

But it’s not all fun and games! Right before the holidays is also time to clean your house. Now is a great time to dust your home, and that’s not just because of cleanliness and allergies. It also helps your HVAC system to be more efficient. If you dust, that means less dust is going through your ductwork and getting recirculated through your home. We like to use a lightly damp towel so that less dust gets kicked up into the air. Also, look in your vents / air returns to see how dusty they are!

3. The first feast

Did you know that the average amount of calories a person consumed on Thanksgiving is 4,500? That’s over twice what most people are supposed to eat in a day. But don’t feel bad, the holidays are a special time to enjoy yourself!!

If you do feel bad about your poor dietary decisions on Thanksgiving, one way to make it up to yourself is to do something good: how about, keeping up with regular HVAC system maintenance? Contact Air Specialist here in Houston, either online or by phone at [csad_phone]. And Happy Thanksgiving!


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