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Posted November 20, 2015

In the market for a new furnace? Not sure whether to go with a gas furnace or a heat pump? Let’s weigh out our options in a head to head matchup.

First up is our durable, long-lasting heat pump. If you are looking for an ally through several winters, this is your guy. Heat pumps almost double gas furnaces in life expectancy typically lasting 20-30 years.

Our first contender is usually priced lower than its competitor the gas unit. Operating your heat pump can be more expensive, but maintaining the unit is straight forward. You will be able to troubleshoot and resolve problems with help from your experts at Air Specialists in Houston, TX.

Are you purchasing in a pinch? Heat pumps are quicker to install, will cause less of a disruption to your daily home life, and is the quieter of the two units (listen to it purr!).

Next up to bat is the always efficient gas furnace. By going with the gas unit, you can expect a lower monthly bill. (Cha-Ching!) Powering the unit with natural gas rather than electricity is cheaper. The price of natural gas has decreased in the last few years, which is good news for gas furnace users!

Also, a gas furnace is more efficient and provides warmer air than a heat pump because a gas furnace can achieve a higher temperature at a faster pace than a heat pump unit.

Because a gas furnace uses natural gas, it must be maintained regularly by a professional not only for longevity, but for safety. Professional maintenance from your experts at Air Specialist is essential to owning a gas furnace.

So who wins your battle? Efficiency? Initial cost? Or the soothing sounds of your friendly furnace?


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