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What’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift … for your HVAC system? Your system works hard and it deserves some love!

Why it’s important to show your HVAC system some TLC

The most common reason you hear for taking good care of your HVAC system is: it increases energy efficiency, which saves you money on your energy bills, and also improves the lifespan of your HVAC system. While all this is true, we’re surprised that nobody ever talks about THIS fact: if you don’t care for your HVAC system, then many home improvements you’ve invested in are … totally good-for-nothing!

For example, maybe you’ve invested in a whole-home indoor air quality system, or maybe you just have a smaller portable air purifier. That’s great! But without regular HVAC maintenance, your dirty air filter and also dirty coils will propagate so much dirt and bacteria in your home’s air, the air purifier becomes worthless!

On the other hand, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “The average home spends about $1,500 annually on energy bills … The EPA provides important recommendations [like] … quality installation and maintenance … to save as much as 20% annually on your total energy costs.”[1]

What is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift?

So that means, the perfect way to show your HVAC system some love is with a tune-up from Air Specialist. Not only are our tune-ups only $59 (Get your coupon here!), but we have a multi-step process to help you truly maintain your HVAC system in a way other companies don’t. We check your air filters, lubricate the HVAC system, take a look at the coils, test the blower motor, check the flue to make sure nothing is leaking, check the spark igniter, check voltage and amperage and safety controls … the list goes on and on. We don’t skimp on a single step!

To schedule a tune-up now and show your HVAC system that you’re the best homeowner in Houston, call us at (713) 481-1305 or contact us online!


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