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How Businesses are Using Indoor Air Quality Systems to Re-Open!

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Posted September 1, 2020
Open sign at a Houston business

It certainly has been an unprecedented and uncertain last few months! Many businesses are wondering how to reopen — and have found that the answer is, “With IAQ!”

What is IAQ?

IAQ stands for “Indoor Air Quality.” This is an important part of the HVAC industry, now more than ever. IAQ devices and units have different methods of purifying your home’s air, and take three common forms:

Air purifiers

Some air purifiers use an advanced air filter to trap pollen such as dust, pollen, and pet dander. However, given the times we are in right now, you are probably more interested in air purifiers that actually get rid of harmful particles at the near-molecular level … bacteria and viruses. “Ionizer” air purifiers (like our REME HALO) are able to do this because the ions are CHARGED, and able to stick to harmful particles in the air, like viruses!

UV germicidal light

Another often-used IAQ solution to zap microbes is UV germicidal light. This is pretty special because it actually unravels the DNA of bacteria and viruses. So it doesn’t exactly kill them upon contact, but with the destroyed DNA, they can no longer reproduce! So it’s a neat way of removing the problem at the source.


Most people don’t realize that one of the benefits of using a dehumidifier is that it actually kills airborne pathogens. This is because bacteria need moisture to move around in the air. So the more humid your house is, the greater chance you have of getting sick. A dehumidifier not only makes your air more comfortable, but will kill some of the nasty bacteria and viruses that thrive on moisture!

Seeing IAQ systems in practice …

It’s all well and good to talk about IAQ systems and why you should have one in your home, but let’s give an example of a real business that is putting IAQ equipment to good use!

“Barbell Club” is a gym that was just able to re-open in Cody, Wyoming. Gym owner Luke Krubeck said, “We’re taking every step possible to create a healthy indoor environment for our members.” As part of re-opening his facility, he installed an IAQ system that “ionizes” the air.

What exactly does that mean? Well, very highly charged ions float around the gym. They are like magnets drawn to bacteria and viruses, changing their dangerous proteins into what is called “hydroxyl,” which then turns into a harmless water molecule! We know we are getting a bit in the scientific weeds here … but all you need to know is, this destroys the structure of the bacteria or virus, killing it!

Come to Air Specialist

Here at Air Specialist, we have the same type of IAQ systems that are being put in businesses all over the country to safely re-open. Whether you decide on an ionizing air purification system like our REME HALO, or a UV light system, we want to help you get clean and safe air here in Houston.

If you are interested in our air purifiers and want to learn more, call now at [csad_phone] or contact us online!



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