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How to Prepare your HVAC System for Spring Storms

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Posted March 6, 2019
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Here in Texas we have expansive land area with very diverse climates throughout the state. The Houston area is a part of what is known as the Piney Woods region of the United States. Some areas of this region receive more than 60 inches of rain annually, and with spring right around the corner, we’re expecting frequent thunderstorms and rain showers.

If you live in this area, you may be wondering “what’s the best way to protect my HVAC system from exposure to these elements?” Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with some easy steps to help you and your HVAC system weather the storms to come.

Protect your outside HVAC unit

When it comes to your HVAC system, your external unit is vulnerable to the strong winds, rain and debris that accompany thunderstorms. Make sure all furniture, tools, and other items have been secured to keep them from blowing away or into your home and outdoor unit. If you’re expecting torrential rain or hail, it’s a good idea to cover your unit to protect it.

Install a surge protector

Lightning can cause severe damage to property outside your home and destroy electrical devices and appliances in your home. To keep this from happening having a surge protector installed will ground the lightning in case it hits your house.

Turn it off (when in doubt)

A surge protector is an excellent device that can save you thousands of dollars if your home is struck by lightning; however, it’s not 100% guaranteed. Turn off your HVAC system and unplug all other appliances if you want to be even safer.

Prevent with regular HVAC maintenance

A regular HVAC inspection can save you time, money and headaches in more ways than one. If your system is experiencing problems prior to even a minor storm, it could sustain damage that makes it worse. Preventative maintenance will catch the problem before it happens and ensures your system runs as efficiently as possible.

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