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In the Future, Your HVAC Tech Will Work from Miles Away!

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Posted April 6, 2021
A man and a woman monitoring HVAC on a computer and phone

If your HVAC tech is able to monitor your HVAC system from afar, you can prevent problems before they happen. Is this the future?

Or, is it already happening right now, in the present?

The idea

What is the point of your HVAC technician being able to monitor your HVAC system from afar? And, doesn’t it almost sound a little creepy? Well, on that second point, we assure you it’s not! We know the words “monitor” and “home” in the same sentence sometimes automatically sets off people’s alarm bells, but the HVAC technician would only be able to see how much energy your HVAC system is using, and other system data points relating to the performance of individual components. This would help them diagnose potential problems, without even having to come into your home!

In theory, what would happen is, you would have a smart HVAC system or smart thermostat, and it would be able to wirelessly send your data to someone like us, your HVAC company, and we would be able to keep an eye on things to ensure your system is always in tip-top shape! And, spotting problems before they occur would help you avoid thousands of dollars in repairs later. All without having to lift a finger!

In homes and in apartments

This is of course very helpful for homeowners, but it could actually be even more helpful for people who rent! Why, if your landlord takes care of all things HVAC? Well, because for many people, their landlord … doesn’t always stay on top of things, or believe tenants who claim an HVAC issue. So, remote monitoring technology that would enable HVAC techs to spot problems immediately could also encourage these landlords to be proactive. That’s reassuring for tenants who aren’t the ones in control of their HVAC service!

The technology

So, this tech does already exist to an extent, through companies such as Motili, that provide customers with alerts when it’s detected that their HVAC system needs maintenance. You wouldn’t even need a smart HVAC system, because they have nearly a hundred sensors that monitor every part of your system. But, for now, adoption of these services is still quite expensive and quite limited, mainly being used by businesses. In the future, we are confident that remote monitoring is going to be the way of the future. Of course, our techs will still help you and greet you at the door with a smile – but they’ll also be kind of “psychic” and able to know exactly what’s going on with your system. Even more so than usual!

In the meantime, Air Specialist is happy to not only provide you with great service in the Houston area, but to sign you up for our maintenance plan! That way, we’re even more likely to predict a breakdown before it happens, and reduce risk of any unnecessary repairs. If you have a question about signing up for our annual maintenance plan, or you need any other HVAC repairs, all you have to do is contact us online. Or, give us a call at [csad_phone]


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