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Is An A/C Tune-Up Necessary?

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Posted March 1, 2013

Air conditioning was invented a century ago and the HVAC industry has been working hard since then to make air conditioners more efficient, powerful and reliable. Because of all this innovation, modern air conditioners are fairly complex machines that rely on many interconnected components to keep cooling your home day after day. To be sure, an air conditioner can run without any routine maintenance, but having such a hardworking machine keep going on its own is not a good idea. In order to maintain peak efficiency for as long as possible, air conditioners should be tuned up frequently.

Professional AC System Inspection

Every AC tune-up should begin with a thorough inspection that checks for virtually every possible safety or efficiency issue. The main points we cover during inspections include:

  • Exiting and returning air temperature checks.
  • Refrigerant level and pressure check.
  • Electrical check.
  • Compressor and evaporator coil checks.
  • Refrigerant line insulation inspection.
  • Filter check.
  • Thermostat check.
  • Control board inspection.
  • Blower wheel and motor inspection.

By checking these and other components of the air conditioning system, we confirm that there are no growing issues and make sure all of the components are working properly. If any problems become apparent during the inspection, we can typically repair them during the AC tune-up, preventing bigger repairs from being needed down the road.

AC Tune-Up

During the tune-up itself, our technicians make every small adjustment needed to keep the air conditioner running as efficiently as possible. One of our highest priorities is ensuring great air flow, which helps the unit run more reliably and maintains excellent comfort throughout the home. We clean or replace the air filter if necessary, eliminate any blockages from the ducts that could restrict air flow and remove dirt and debris as needed.

We think of air conditioners as stationary machines, but they still include plenty of moving parts. Every tune-up includes professional fan and motor lubrication to help the air conditioner effectively transfer heat out of the home and prevent grinding that can cause deterioration. Air conditioners also need to be properly calibrated to provide efficient cooling. We take care to check the thermostat and adjust the calibration for maximum efficiency.

The core of any air conditioner is the refrigerant, a chemical that transfers heat through the machine. In order to keep functioning properly, the refrigerant volume and charge need to stay within the recommended range. During tune-ups, we not only check for and repair leaks but also make sure the refrigerant is properly charged and replace it if necessary.

Particularly in areas with hot climates such as Pearland TX, keeping air conditioners at peak efficiency makes all the difference. At Air Specialist, we recommend having air conditioners tuned up every year, and we offer routine maintenance and service agreements throughout the Houston, TX area. Our experienced technicians are familiar with all makes and models and bring that expertise directly to your home, improving comfort and saving you money on utility bills and future AC repairs.


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