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Posted May 30, 2014

Save money on your utility bills AND keep the cool air inside your home this summer.  Of course, we think that you’re the coolest when you’re saving energy.  Your friends will probably think so too and thank you profusely by sharing these tips with them.  You’re welcome.

9 Ways to Keep Your Cool this Summer

1) Contrary to popular belief, turning your air conditioner off when you leave your home is not the best way to save money.  Heat builds up in your walls and furniture making it harder for your system to remove heat and cool your home when you return.  It is a better idea to set the temperature five to ten degrees warmer instead.

2) Plant tall plants and trees to shade your outdoor unit.  Doing this will make it easier for your air conditioner to cool your home.  Shading your home works well too.  Keeping the heat out is often the easiest way to keep the cool inside your home.

3) Set your thermostat at as high as you can comfortably and pretend you’re on a tropical vacation.  Only use your air conditioner when it is warmer than 78 degrees Fahrenheit.  Your body will adjust to the higher temperatures if you do this
consistently, so will your wallet.

4) Use the exhaust fan above your stove to remove heat from your kitchen while cooking or using any other heat producing appliances.  You’ll save more in cooling costs and cut down on humidity.

5) Avoid activities that produce heat during the hottest times of the day.  Try cooking outside on the grill, running the dishwasher overnight, or letting your dishes air-dry.

6) Keep your blinds closed, and your shades drawn during hot, summer days.  Reflecting the sun's rays is a simple way to keep your home cooler.  Put posters of tropical scenes on your walls for a view.

7) Keep those doors closed.  Most people don’t think about how many times they open and close the doors in their home.  Conserve your cool by minimizing the number of times your open the door.

8) Install ceiling fans or use portable fans when you’re in the room.  While a fan will not cool the room, a breeze can make it feel 3-4 degrees cooler.

9) Have your air conditioner tuned-up annually.  Dirty air conditioners and air filters restrict airflow into your home.  If you’re going to pay to cool the air, you should use it.  We can help you out with this one.

Make your friends think your cooler by sharing these tips.  Be cooler by calling us for a tune-up today.


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