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Seal Your Ducts to Ensure Home Comfort and Utility Savings

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Posted October 12, 2013

According to the Department of Energy,  90% or more of the buildings in the U.S. have air duct systems that are not functioning efficiently due to air leakage; the best solution is duct sealing and the best duct sealing system is Aeroseal.

Leaks in ductwork can be caused by several factors, which include the age of the home, how it was constructed, and the type of ductwork that was installed during construction
Air leakage happens when your ducts have holes, leaks, or bad connections. In a home with air leakage, about 20% of the air that leaves the cooling and heating system never makes it to the intended destination. It simply floats away through the openings in the ducts.  And as a consequence, a portion of the cost of cooling and heating the air is wasted as well.

Since the air isn’t making it to the intended destination, your home simply won’t feel as comfortable as you want it to.  When cool air floats away your home feels warmer and when warm air escapes your home feels colder.  In either case, your cooling and heating system has to work overtime to replace that 20% of the conditioned air every time it cycles on. No matter how energy-efficient your cooling and heating system is supposed to be, it can’t perform optimally in this situation.

When your cooling and heating system works overtime, your utility bill rises and the lifespan of your system is shortened.

What goes out may also come in; your indoor air may also be more humid and contain more dust, pollution, and allergens when ductwork isn’t sealed against unconditioned air moving into the ductwork.

There are only two ways to permanently stop this: seal your ducts or replace your entire ductwork system. The cost of sealing your ducts is about half of what a new ductwork system costs, and new ductwork is likely to start leaking again long before Aeroseal. Aeroseal is proven in testing to last over 10 years without failing.

Aeroseal’s duct sealing process is state-of-the art.  The procedure takes between four and eight hours, works immediately, and is warrantied for ten years.
The first step in the process is an evaluation by a trained technician of amount of air leakage. This is done by sealing all the vents and then forcing air through them.  The technician is able to measure the amount of air that leaks from the vents.

Then, with the ducts still sealed, adhesive particles are sent through the ducts.  These particles don’t coat the ducts; they actually bind together and fill in the gaps they encounter as they move through the ductwork.

The technician once again forces air through the ducts to ensure that all gaps, cracks, and leaks are sealed.

Once the process is complete, the technician gives you a computer-generated report of the difference in air leakage before and after sealing. Typically, air leakage is reduced by around 90%.
After your ducts are sealed, you can expect $300- $1000 in utility savings per year, depending upon your situation.  You should also feel more comfortable in your home and your air should be cleaner and less humid.

Duct sealing is fast, effective, and great long-term solution to home comfort issues.  It pays for itself quickly in increased comfort and lower utility bills.  Contact us today for an evaluation of how Aeroseal can make your Houston area home more comfortable.


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