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The Dangers of A/C Installation Mistakes

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Posted August 11, 2020
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You already know that it’s important to find the right HVAC company and technician to make sure your air conditioning system is installed correctly. But what, more specifically, are the potential consequences of a bad installation?

Not at peak performance

First off, the more low-level result of an incorrectly installed air conditioner is poor airflow.

This can happen if a technician did not put the correct amount of refrigerant in the system, known as “refrigerant charge.” An insufficiently trained technician can either get the refrigerant charge wrong themselves, or fail to realize what the problem is on a service call. Even worse, a tech might add refrigerant when the system already has the right amount. They might also put in refrigerant pipes that are too long, which is hard on the compressor and can make the system fail.

So, if your A/C air flow is poor and you’re noticing that not much is coming out of your vents in this sweltering summer heat…know that installation mistakes like this one could be the cause.

Water damage

Improper A/C installation could also cause water damage to your home! For example, every A/C unit has what’s called a drip pan, or condensate pan, to collect the water that is created in the process of cooling your air down.

What your HVAC tech is supposed to do is install a secondary pan as well. With the first pan and the backup, it’s almost impossible that any water would leak into your home… but without a properly installed primary and secondary pan, lots of water damage can be done to your home.

Dangerous situations

Worst of all, an A/C installation mistake can be a danger to you and your family. For example, if your tech is inexperienced with electrical wiring work, there may be exposed wires and electrical faults. Of course, these could result in bodily harm to someone or could start a fire. Luckily, in many cases, faulty wires are made obvious because your A/C unit keeps tripping the breaker. If this happens, know that the breaker may be tripping for a reason, to protect you! And give us a call so we can tell you what’s going on.

Air Specialist is an ACCA-member company (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) with NATE-certified (North American Technician Excellence) technicians.

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