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The “Heart” of Your Home – The HVAC System

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Posted February 1, 2023
Heart of the home is the HVAC

Is there anything as refreshing as a cool home on a hot Houston summer day? It’s easy to take home comfort for granted with today’s HVAC technology. Even a few short generations ago, our ancestors may have relied on damp towels to fight the heat and humidity. During the cooler months, they may have dressed in layers or huddled around the stove to keep the chill away. Fortunately, we now have modern means of heating and cooling. Your HVAC system is the heart of your home, and Air Specialist A/C Heating Plumbing & More of Houston is here to keep it running.

What is HVAC?

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Sounds pretty simple, right? This acronym stands for more than just the temperature you notice when you step inside, though. Your HVAC system can also filter the indoor air you breathe and adjust humidity levels so you’re not sweating it out indoors. Thanks to regular air cycling, your home enjoys better ventilation with your HVAC system than it does by simply opening doors and windows. In essence, the HVAC system is an essential piece of home comfort.

HVAC components

Let’s start with heating. Houston may rarely see temperatures dip below 35°F, but cool nights aren’t uncommon between the months of November and April. That’s why heating is an essential part of your home’s HVAC system. Your home may use one or more different types of heating elements:

  • A gas furnace uses natural gas to heat the outside air before it is pumped into your home.
  • Heat pumps extract heat from the outside air and bring it inside.
  • Hybrid heat systems use both furnace and heat pump technology to deliver warmth economically and efficiently.
  • Ductless split systems are an effective alternative for rooms not connected to your home’s ductwork.

Your home’s ventilation component is what directs air in and out of your home. Without a working ventilation system, your indoor air can become stagnant and stuffy. You may notice odors and uncomfortable humidity if the air is not moving in and out of your home efficiently. Mechanical air handlers, ducts, and return vents allow air to flow unimpeded around your home and keep every room comfortable.

Air conditioning may be the favorite HVAC component for Houston residents, thanks to the warm spring, summer, and fall months and even occasional winter warmups.

Air conditioners and heat pumps both work by removing heat from the air. Heat pumps have the added benefit of warming your home as well.

Ductless split systems are an efficient method of reaching smaller spaces or rooms not connected to your home’s A/C unit.

Air handlers condition and circulate the air in your home, boosting your HVAC unit’s efficiency.

HVAC maintenance

The beauty of an HVAC system is that you can enjoy its output without worrying about how it’s working – most of the time. When something goes wrong, you may notice your home isn’t staying cool or your furnace is switching off and on several times an hour during the colder months. Our trained service technicians can come to your home to assess the problem and suggest the necessary fixes.

Regular maintenance can be an important investment in the health and lifespan of your HVAC unit. During a maintenance check, our skilled HVAC technicians will give your HVAC components a thorough inspection and proper cleaning. We can replace broken pieces, tighten loose parts and even identify small problems before they become big, expensive HVAC issues.

Get help from an HVAC expert in Houston

In this heart-themed month, pay attention to the heart of your home, the HVAC system. Your Air Specialist technicians can help you choose the right heating and cooling options for your home and your budget. We’ll work to keep things running smoothly throughout Houston’s hottest and coolest months. Remember, Air Specialist A/C Heating Plumbing & More has the expertise to service all of your HVAC equipment. Let’s work together to give your HVAC system the love it deserves. Call us or contact us to schedule an appointment online.


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