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Thermostats: What You Need to Know

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Posted March 23, 2017

When it comes to heating and cooling your home, nothing works harder than your thermostat. Thermostats are the brain of the entire HVAC system. Despite this, they are the least thought about part of the system. Most people don’t give their thermostat a second thought and never consider if they are meeting all their needs. Are you sure your thermostat is the best one for you?

Thermostats aren’t one size fits all. There are many different types and models that offer a variety of settings. Of the many different kinds, the most popular are non-programmable, programmable, and smart.

Non-programmable thermostats are pretty standard. They are easy to use and keep your home at a constant pre-set temperature. This type of thermostat offers no fuss for precise comfort control.

Programmable thermostats share many features with non-programmable. They are user-friendly and allow enhanced comfort control. They can even save you up to 25% annually on your heating and cooling bill. This type of thermostat offers menu-driven programming and function options to fit your lifestyles.

Smart thermostats go a step beyond programmable. They allow you unmatched control of your HVAC system, even when you aren’t home. This type of thermostat offers tips to save you on energy costs and some even learn your habits so your comfort is maximized.

No matter what you need out of a thermostat, the perfect one for you is out there. We carry a variety of Honeywell thermostats to fit your needs. Talk to one of our technicians about installing a new thermostat today!


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