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Tips for Cooling Your Garage This Summer

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Posted June 2, 2022
Keeping a garage cool in TX

We’re approaching the hottest summer months in Houston. While your home may be comfortably cool thanks to whole-house A/C, your garage may be baking in the summer heat. This can render it uninhabitable during the summer, cutting into your summer chores, crafts, or other activities you enjoy doing in the garage space. Not only that, but a hot garage can interfere with your cool house and hike up your energy bills. Air Specialist A/C Heating Insulation & More has practical tips for cooling off your garage.

Check the insulation

When your house was built, the garage might not have received the thick layer of insulation that helps keep the rest of the home comfortable. Even an insulated garage door can make a big difference during hotter months.

Fill any holes or openings

Gaps around the garage door and windows can let heat sneak in. Use weather stripping or caulk around any windows and the door that leads into your home.

Plant some shade and change your color

If the hot sun beats down directly on your garage, add trees or other foliage to block some of its rays. Is your garage door painted in a darker hue? A lighter garage door color reflects the heat rather than soaking it up, which can help Houston’s intense heat.

Park your vehicle outside when you first come home

Your recently used car acts as a heater in the garage. Instead, consider leaving the car parked outside until it has a chance to cool down. Do bring the car inside at night, for safety’s sake.

Install a fan

Consider a built-in ventilation fan to send the hot air outside. Even a portable fan will circulate enough air to make it seem cooler while you’re in the garage.

Add air conditioning

Now we’re talking. Air Specialist can extend your home’s central air conditioning to include your garage. We also offer other cooling solutions, like a ductless mini-split system that cools smaller areas without needing to be tied into your home’s existing ductwork. This cost-effective option can be easier on the budget. You’ll be able to comfortably use your garage during the hottest days of the Houston summer!

Are you tired of walking into a stifling hotbox of a garage during the summer? Air Specialist A/C Heating Insulation & More is Houston’s A/C expert. Call our team today at [csad_phone] or contact us online. We believe you deserve to be comfortable in your own home, regardless of the temperature outside.


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