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Ways to Lower Your Monthly A/C Bill

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Posted August 9, 2019
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Everybody is feeling the heat this summer, so that means you’re going to be running the A/C a lot. However, you can save your wallet by taking proactive measures to help lessen the blow. Here are a couple of ideas for you to try out!

Use Your Ceiling Fan

This is the first thing on the list because it’s the easiest! Just flip the switch and it’ll start saving you money. A ceiling fan lower the temperature in a room via the wind chill effect, making it feel 6 to 7 degrees cooler than it actually is – without lowering your thermostat!

Be more conservative with your A/C

You may think the that cranking the A/C down to lower-than-normal temperatures will help accelerate how fast your home is cooled, but it actually won’t, this will only accelerate your pointless spending. One more thing to keep in mind is that the smaller the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures, the less you’ll spend. This method can save you as much as 18% on your monthly bill!

Maintain your cooling system

What’s the point of installing a high-efficiency cooling system and a smart thermostat if you’re not going to maintain your equipment? Letting your equipment deteriorate negates any positive effects you would otherwise see from more advanced cooling systems. Simply cleaning the system or changing the filter on a monthly basis can save you anywhere from 5% to 15% on your monthly bill.

Close the blinds, curtains, and shades

If you’ve ever been woken up by the sunshine in the morning, then you know how fast solar heat can warm up a space. Keeping the blinds and curtains closed will go a long way on a hot day at helping to keep the heat outside. Using light-colored materials will also help, as light colors deflect the sunlight, helping to keep your home cool.

If you’re looking for other ways to save this summer, your friends at Air Specialist have the insight to help you make the most informed decision for your family’s cooling needs. With more than 40 years of experience, we have the expertise to solve your HVAC problems. Give us a call at (713) 481-1305 or schedule an appointment online.


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